Drape yourself, darling Lady Moon


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*Writen originaly in Serbian and was inspired by the Moon being visible while it was still daytime. By the time I typed my words down, it already darkened πŸ™‚

Drape yourself, darling Lady Moon

For heaven’s sake, darling, drape yourself!
You took two curtains and tied them to a swing
and now you sway above bridges and churches
and lure my fellow dwellers with the hues of your skin;
you snigger at the heroes,
sublime, so proudly beautiful,
you croon to bakers, look,
for hours they are kneading
nothing but Danish pastry.
Drape yourself, for heaven’s sake,
the day did not even rest it’s lids yet
and you already want to tango,
drape yourself, wait for me,
I have just taken out a rib,
I have just hammered in a single gamut,
but you arrogantly summon the crowds to the river
to see you gently dip your feet.
Drape yourself, don’t untie your hair,
hide the silverware for heaven’s sake!
Can’t you see they are just thieves
parading behind other thieves
waiting to sneak up to you and rip of
a piece of your white cheeks,
to bend your lips into wipes,
should I be the one to suffer,
I who love you in high dudgeon
and bestially,
for darkness being my only suit?
Why did I even let you climb unto the sky,
why, oh why, did I beseech for sculpted you
a bed that wasn’t earthly!
Please, drape yourself,
now everyone is already looking,
now everyone already owns you,
are you going to blush for them too?
Are you going to moan for them and hitch
the chariots of dead elephants,
are you going to give them blues, too?
Drape yourself, darling, for heaven’s sake,
why do you want to undress me,
why remind of the littleness and solitude,
are you going to turn me into rain?
Drape yourself, darling, and wait for me,
I will come to you at midnight.
Should I too eat jealousy like a meat pie,
should that too be warm and juicy and enraged
like when you and me
sleep behind the backs of gods naked,
are you going to teach them how to love as well,
for heaven’s sake, drape yourself and hide,
don’t give me away,


Ogrni se, draga gospodjice Mesec

Zaboga, draga, ogrni se!
Dve si zavese u ljuljasku svezala,
pa se njishes nad mostovima i crkvama
i mamis tenom moje sugradjane;
smeskas se herojima,
uzvisena, tako ponosno lepa,
pevusis pekarima,
evo vec satima mese samo buhtle.
Ogrni se draga, zaboga,
dan jos nije ni kapke odmorio,
a tebi ko da je vec do tanga,
ogrni se, sacekaj me,
tek sam jedno rebro izvadio,
tek sam lestvicu jednu zakucao,
a ti vec nadmena bi svi da hrle reci
gde si nogu tako nevino umocila.
Ogrni se, ne raspustaj kose,
sakrij srebrninu, zaboga,
zar ne vidis da lopov do lopova
ceka krisom da ti obraz beli otkine,
usne da ti sviju u maramice,
zar da patim ja, koji te volim
kivno i zverski,
sto tama mi je jedino odelo?
Kud sam te i pustio na nebo da se popnes,
kud mi za tebe vajanu
nije zemaljski krevet valjao.
Molim te, ogrni se,
sad te vec svi gledaju, sad si vec skoro svacija,
zar ces i njima da se zarumenis?
Zar ces i njima da zastenjesh i upregnes
kochije od mrtvih slonova,
zar i za njih bluz?
Ogrni se, draga, zaboga,
zar ces i mene tako da razodenes,
zar ces da me podsetish na malenost i samocu,
zar ces u kisu da me pretvoris?
Ogrni se, draga, cekaj me,
stizem oko ponoci.
zar ljubomoru da jedem kao pitu od mesa,
zar da bude topla i socna i besna
kao kad ja i ti
bogovima iza ledja spavamo goli,
zar cesh i njih nauciti kako se voli,
zaboga, ogrni se i skri se,
nemoj i mene da das.

~ by Oloriel on May 11, 2014.

36 Responses to “Drape yourself, darling Lady Moon”

  1. Truly lovely.

  2. Good grief Astounding but what is the second language? The pic is amazing too it looks like dark arms approaching the moon x

  3. “Should I too eat jealousy like a meat pie”– superb! One of the reasons I love your poems is how you use words. Your mastery never ceases to astound me. I am in awe of you.

  4. Oh this is a little sad.. I read the parallel story of ownership and control.. Is that truly love..? Still the description of the silvery lady is astounding..

    • We oft seek to possess Nature, and smother it with out control, somehow, we like to think that it’s beautiful moments are meant solely for us.

  5. Gorgeous as always!

  6. Ovo je fenomenalno!

  7. Lovely!

  8. Simply amazing O. You have outdone yourself xx

  9. Kako prekrasno gola pjesma! πŸ™‚

  10. What a meaningful and beautiful write! There are multiple layers to your expression, the voice stands out the most.. even more than the charm of the moon lady. The verse of the thieves made me think of beauty and possession.
    Sublime and yet powerful. Great writing. πŸ™‚

  11. Prelepo! Just lovely πŸ™‚

  12. I’m running out of ways to tell you how very talented you are. This is magical, masterful and still has a fun, charming vibe. ❀

  13. I like what you write

  14. wow it was nice πŸ™‚

  15. Beautiful monologue, theatrical in nature, emotive and moving. But I’m sure, all real estate on the moon has long since been sold to those fool enough to believe they hold title and sole right her dance across curled blue in the black milk of night and the blue milk to day. It is good..

  16. This one amazed me, truly! In both languages πŸ˜€ well, maybe a little more in Serbian as it does have that natural feel in it. I love your poetry, it provokes me to think. But this one just got me hooked! Maybe because I love nights and Moon inspires me in magical ways, indeed!

    Cheers, hon and scribble me to zen! πŸ˜‰

  17. Negde na pocetku…

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