Escape your head (Wordle)


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Escape your head

She is stringing junipers like beads,
lost in the maddened harmony
of the hum
which shakes the cellular asylum.
She is knitting
sere blood drops
to scarves,
she is cutting hearts
from her skin,
so she could speak like trees.
The circle must eat another circle,
or have your neck.
The feathers must woo the blue
or scar the back.
The elixir must poison all that’s good,
the intimation must be ruthless,
the vitality must waltz,
lead must follow lead, knot-tied;
no coal in the love furnace,
no silence,
too much silence;
behind the grimace – poetry,
that escalates to violence.

*Done for Wordle prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie


~ by Oloriel on April 4, 2014.

25 Responses to “Escape your head (Wordle)”

  1. Awesome. Really great writing.

  2. So well done. I love
    “lost in the maddened harmony of the hum”

    ” knitting sere blood drops to scarves” and
    “so she could speak like trees”

    and my favorite line of all, the closing “behind the grimace – poetry,
    that escalates to violence.”

  3. Wow this is such a powerful poem I also really liked the closing lines and “so I could speak like trees” magnificent

  4. Knitting scarves and cutting hearts, these lines my fave. Excellent wordle O x

  5. ‘knitting sere blood drops to scarves’: what a beautiful and vivid image, Oloriel: mystical and magical somehow, like part of a fairy tale. I adore this post. xxx

  6. Hello Oloriel, I didn’t know whether you were a no nomination blog, if so I apologize but there is no need to follow through of course, its just a way for me to say hey I think what you do is great and it also through a link to your blog allows others to enjoy your work. I have nominated you for the lovely blog award, the chatter is here:

    huggles x

  7. Strong allusion and clever contrariety distinguish this beautiful poem. Elegant work – well done.

  8. There is so much to it… silence, pain, that little bit of sublimation and poetry… Masterful writing, Oloriel.

  9. “Poetry that escalates into violence” is one of my favorite things, ever.

  10. Is it odd to say that this reminded me of nightmare where you knit all night..scarves that never end…red, blue and white tangle to untangle…

    • Funny how you associated it with the colors of the Serbian flag.
      Wish I was dreaming something like this as a nightmare lol.

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