The Song of Morana


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The Song of Morana

Plow your fields, oh merry mortals and dames,
forget your sorrows,
gather your hay,
give me arms!
Give me the forehead of a mother,
give me legs and cervix
stained with wine
of my lover’s
slaughtered spring.
Sing! Sing louder!
carry me to the river,
divide your fevers
with forks and spoons and knives,
Build me a shrine
in the slit
and let me mourn his cartilage.
You fear my wraith,
yet name flowers by my name,
which speak of coming love.

Heave, woman, heave
and gavotte,
bow before the cycles
that leave you wet and enflamed,
defy death!
For I was once like you,
cerise, in his arms,
but now I lay
my barren hollow
into empty cerulean beds
and I bleed gray,
I bleed white,
I bleed
his innocence.

Summon me,
summon me, I dare you,
set your hearts upon altars,
throw the ashes of my effigy to waters,
court the Gods!
Yet nothing will save you, pretty ones,
for I will come to tug the thread
you hide behind
your ventricle;
the one that’s inked
in soulmate names,
in Love’s sweet games.
Go on, awaken me!
Go on, be pure and pallid
in the palace of eyes!
Follow me,
sprout in me
and let me sprout in you,
inwards, back into the seed;
the only way to truly taste the Earth!
I spit into the prayer of the Sun
for it gives birth,
and I’m denied!
Follow me,
embrace yourself
and curse yourself
eternal pip
and see if tears craft pearls –

the waxen ride
with what you see
as reddest of the dawns,
and I, forlorn
in primal screams,
that fall from sky as snow;
Winter, death and darkness
is my name.

*Inspired by the NaPoWriMo prompt for day 2, to write influenced by mythology that is neither Greek nor Roman.

Morana is the Slavic goddess of winter and death. The legends say she has two faces: a beautiful face, that if you meet it,she will do you no harm; and a viceous,ugly face. If you meet the other, Morana will not be nice. Tales of her speak of her visiting men while they sleep and giving them nightmares, sometimes even choking them to death. This duality comes from her story. She was once good and beautiful and she married the god of spring and became the spring queen. He got killed by his brother, and she,left to mourn, got consumed by wraith and became a witch. She was a feared goddess, and there are still even up to this day, event in villages, to chase Morana away or woo her to give the world a mild winter. These events include making a large puppet out of hay or straw to represent Morana and burning it, throwing it to the river afterwards.

While writing this piece, the motives and origin of her story flew and implemented themselves. one thing struck me thought,is that she, unwed and her lover killed, would mourn another love. For some reasoon, I saw her as a figure crying black, cold tears, because she can never bear children. Yeah, weird.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading and do let me know what you think!

~ by Oloriel on April 3, 2014.

21 Responses to “The Song of Morana”

  1. A powerful poem, Oloriel. I didn’t know the story about Morana – mythology does fascinate me so. I particularly love these lines:

    “Go on, awaken me!
    Go on, be pure and pallid
    in the palace of eyes!
    Follow me,
    sprout in me
    and let me sprout in you,
    inwards, back into the seed;
    the only way to truly taste the Earth!”

    • Thank you very much Bianca! I am glad you liked the poem. knowing most people won’t know anything about Slavic mythology, I included the part with information about Morana and some customs tied to her 😀

  2. haunting tracks
    textural layers
    of snow

  3. So many lines wow! This is a favorite, phenomenal!

    • Thank you,means a lot coming from you and your ingenious writing I am extra enjoying these past few days!

      • I am so happy to hear that =) Aww thank you. I am working on a submission to your prompt I generally don’t write about everyday items or foods so it is quite a challenge to my ingenuity lol

      • I am trying to finish a lot of stuff for our book,for prompts, but I have slept so little past 3 days. I am finding it hard to do anything with this internet so bloody slow and lagging!

      • I am actually having a slow connection lately as well both my brain and my internet. I had a creepy weird dream last night. I heard a noise in the kitchen and I woke Sam and asked him what it was and he says very casually the rat man is baking a cake. And I am thinking what the fuck is the rat man and why don’t you care? I asked Sam to make the man/creature leave but he was very nonchalant and just went to sleep again. Then I saw the ratman he didn’t look like a rat he was naked and had a very peculiar pinched and powdered face, his hair was powdered as well like an old-fashioned wig. His body was normal thin except his penis was facing the wrong way. He came into our room very casually but quite creepily and he had a small creature behind him (who disappeared quite shortly almost like a child but off somehow). He leaned down over Sam and I woke up meh I have no idea why I told you that lol

        I look forward to seeing the journal you’ve written and hope you get some good sleep though god knows I probably just gave you a nightmate

      • What a dream! The part where you ask Sam why doesn’t he care, reminded me of my own dreams. I often dream of Mir having a twin brother, and he is very evil and in the dream the real Mir never cares. I am like:”Your stupid brother just dried to get me drunk and drown me in the bathtub.” and he is like”Yeah, whatever, gonna go do them things with them stuff ” and just goes away! The weirdest one I had recently was last week, when i dreamed a friend of mine just appeared, dressed like Jesus and he took a large forceps, it was as big as his whole arm, and just started violently pulling all my teeth out.
        As you see, no worried about giving me bad dreams, i have them for export lol 😀

      • Sam would be scared of your dream he is really scared of teeth! I experience that a lot with Sam in dreams he is just unfazed by anything. We can be flying off a cliff and he’s like “nice breeze” no emotion, no reaction really just sort of flat muted responses. That rat man dream felt very real and seemed connected to a dream I had the other day. Sam bought on old fashioned radio and put it in the kitchen. It took up a lot of the kitchen and I knew something was wrong with it, like it was a portal or summoning device and I asked him to take it back I didn’t like it but he wouldn’t. Kept saying it’s fine and in truth it was extremely beautiful. I already warned Sam in real life not to come home with any old radios lol

  4. Another great work.

  5. A moving and powerful poem, it gave me chills. I was captured by the lines:
    “stained with wine
    of my lover’s
    slaughtered spring.”

  6. I didn’t know of this goddess, yet you captivated her so elegant and make her so human, even tho she is a god…great work!

    “For I was once like you,
    cerise, in his arms,
    but now I lay
    my barren hollow
    into empty cerulean beds
    and I bleed gray,
    I bleed white,
    I bleed
    his innocence.”


    “You fear my wraith,
    yet name flowers by my name,
    which speak of coming love.”
    This one reminds me of you 🙂

    • I was alluding to Visibabe, which in English are called Snowdrops. Well, still beats the original translation of hangingGrandmas XD
      I just dont know how that part reminds you of me. No lover ever feared me, because they trusted my mercy ;P

  7. I love mythology, and this character is fascinating, and your poem was intricate and powerful. Lovely!!

    • Thank you, I am very happy to know that I could expand your knowledge on Slavic mythology and that you enjoyed reading the poem 😀

  8. Powerful write. I was unfamiliar with the story so thank you for including that.

    Some favorite lines:

    “stained with wine
    of my lover’s
    slaughtered spring”

    “I bleed
    his innocence.”

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