Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea

“I’m just not sure you know, what to do.”

Me and my sister were standing and talking next to the window. I have just made tea and we were waiting for it to cool down, so we don’t burn our mouths like we usually do, when our chattering gets heated.

She just ended a relationship, and as we usually do, we were weighting everything that ever happened to them on an imaginary scale.

“He needs to open up to me. I told him I can’t go on like this. He needs to let me in.”

“Yeah, I agree, but maybe you shouldn’t have taken a step this big, I mean, what does he mean to you?”

She stood with her back towards the kitchen. I was glancing next to her silhouette into the two smoking cups.

“Look, I love him. I really do.”

My eyes widened. She paused for a moment and looked at me, probably thinking how I got shocked to what she just told me, because it was a rare case that she would be engulfed in amorous feelings. In fact, I think this was the first real time I both heard and saw her feel this way.
What I was looking at was the cupboard door, quietly opening for no more then a few centimeters. A branchy hand with long finger was moving elegantly and slowly until it stopped above the cup that held her tea. The fingers brushed each other releasing down white grains of powder, then slowly disappeared back into the darkness of the wine compartment. It was Mr. Hobyah, no doubt.
As he slid back inside fully, probably due to the excitement of his shenanigans, he bumped a bottle and she got startled by the clanking. She quickly turned around only to find the kitchen empty and our teas still steaming.

“What were you looking at?”


“So, anyways. I don’t know….”

“I think you will be together again. Just give it some time. And know who you are, and what you dream of and try to create it. If you can’t, don’t ever settle for less.”

“I won’t”

We leaned on the window and gazed out into the wild night, the cacophony of bugs, dogs, humans and bad music echoing through the street. I made a mental note to leave a cup of tea in the closet tonight. Hibiscus. His favorite.


Done for the Tale Weaver’s Prompt at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, where the host every Thursday is yours truly.

This week, the task was to take a real event that happened and insert a fictional character in the story. The possibilities were endless.

To understand my entry better, you will ask yourself:”Who is this Mr. Hobyah?” Here he is:


G. Hobyah is a card from The Faeries Oracle. It is a card I am most connected with and although he is a fictional character to you, to me he is real. He always appears in the card readings that I do, just to greet me. He loves to give me shivers also by making noise in my closets, cupboards and drawers. In the deck he represents Imaginary fears, Unreal hazards, Realistic caution. I have many poems, riddles and rhymes dedicated to him because I simply adore him. The copyright on the picture goes to Brian Froud, the creator of the deck.

~ by Oloriel on March 27, 2014.

29 Responses to “Hibiscus tea”

  1. I loved seeing another side to you learning something new. I really adore the card I can see why you are fond of him.

  2. Ooooh! This is delightful! Mr. Hobyah is divine. The picture/scene you painted was completely vivid in my mind and am so glad you shared it this morning. More, please!

  3. Fun story. Though I’m curious what he did to the tea.

  4. The way you incorporated Hobyah and what he stands for in your story weaving gives it an extra dimension. When I did not know of him, I saw it as a conspiracy plot but then, the information you provided made it clear. Great job. 🙂

  5. I love that you have a relationship with these sprites and creatures.

  6. He looks mischievous x

  7. Tiny Demons hiding in the cupboards and scratching behind our ears. Mischievous little imps. I’m sorry that I wasn’t paying attention enough to act on the prompt, but enjoyed your offering all the same. 🙂

    • Thank you for reading! The prompt lasts until next Thursday, so you are more then welcome to join in on it! If it is not inspiring enough, we have 6 other prompts going on also , which you can check out 😀

  8. Cool card, I love the art. You tell a great story, too. What was the powder?

  9. Love this, Oloriel. Totally unexpected 🙂

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