Seven of Clubs


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Seven of Clubs

The first string hums poetry that eats faces.
The second shakes like rupture of lost voices.
The third string is the mind’s tattered wing,
the forth a transcript of how scorpion can sting.
The fifth string trapped in concentric circles.
The sixth string vibrates ting-a-ling
to court the ancient spirit.
The seventh string a spring
of notes that blind can touch.

and He shall stay
timid and graceful,
tightly hold the lyre and sway,
let the red waters run wild;
but drink a sip
and She is loose
to slay.

*From A Deck of Cards series


~ by Oloriel on March 18, 2014.

24 Responses to “Seven of Clubs”

  1. Such beauty, just wonderful. It reminded me a little of this:

  2. This was beautiful! Magic…I need to spend more time on your site 🙂

  3. I can hear this poem – wonderful.

  4. It burns through…

  5. A magnificent piece greatly enjoyed. Fine work indeed!

  6. Fantastic imagery, Oloriel, and a beautiful picture. ‘Rupture of lost voices’ is great. xxx

  7. Wow this is divine!

    • Thank you! Was wondering if anyone will hint on the mythology behind it 😀 I am rewriting that card for you btw, now that Seth is sleeping 😀

  8. Loved the rhymes. Intriguing write. 🙂

  9. A da, još nešto, ali nevezano za ovaj niti bilo koji drugi post, nešto što osećam da bi trebalo da ti kažem. Znaš li zašto te nisam ranije zapratila ovde na wordpress-u? Mislila sam da sam ti odbojna do daske. Eto. 🙂

    • Au bre,pa otkud to? 😀
      Ja se muchim i bazam da nadjem i pohvatam sve ljude koji su “nashi” (meni je sve to zajedno),ali retko ko taguje a blogova ima veliki milion 🙂

  10. I`d never saw cards like this, yet you make it anew every time…
    “The seventh string a spring
    of notes that blind can touch.”

  11. You are one of a kind, my friend. Your imagery is mindblowing! :)) I can’t wait to read your other poems/posts. I’ve been SO busy lately. I’m trying to post something next week – trying!! Hugs and love, dear Oloriel.

    • Thank you very much, Noora!
      No need to appologise for being busy, just hoping to see more poetry of yours whenever you can post it! 😀

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