The Awaited Book


The poetry book of Yves K. Morrow, whome you seen me toot about as the beautiful soul behind blogs mindlovemisery and Curious Flowers, is finally out!

Her poetry touched me and still does in so many ways that trying to attribute words to that feeling would be a sacrilige. You do not read her poems, you live them, I live them, he, she, it live them and Yves bathes her words in freedom, bravery and rawness. This is her first published book and I am extatic that plain,old me was allowed part in that journey by designing the cover for her.

I do not want to bore everyone with too many words, because this book really speaks for itself.Help spread the word and check the book out!

Here is where you can find the book for now:


There is only paperback version available now, but Yves is rapidly working on changing that. But I say, screw e-readers, this book deserves to be held in hands.

~ by Oloriel on March 6, 2014.

22 Responses to “The Awaited Book”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Thanks for the teaching English (which I receive reading your fabulous sentences).

    Sorry, Tarzan English is a part of my charm.

    • Evo Goste da ispricham anegdotu:
      Posto moj cale isto zna engleski, ja ga zezam da pricha tarzan engleski. Uvek se svuda vodi polemika izmedju brit i amer engleskog, te je moj cale reshio da svoj tarzanski unapredi u Evropski engleski 😀

      • Moja sestričina iz Kanade kaže da ja pričam kao i njen tata. Međutim, skoro mi je izmakao jedan dobro plaćen posao zbog “nedovoljno dobrog” Engleskog. Mora biti da i ja vladam tim nekim “Evropskim”… 🙂

        Možda smo se stvarno tvoj ćale i ja sreli negde u BGD davnih dana.

      • Do skoro bi se cesto nalazio i u Novom Sadu. Neki njegov drugar, ne mogu da se setim imena, ima poslasticarnicu, negde relativno blizu zeleznice 🙂

        Biznis engleski zna da bude zeznut, a naprimer se sve vise uvlaci i u nash jezik. U trgovackoj u knjigama na mnogim mestima izviru reci kao sto su ‘merchandajzer’ (od merchandiser), jednostavan prevod po Vuku. Isto tako na aerodromu pise ‘eskalato” pored engleskog ‘escalator”, dal ce za koju godinu iko da ih oslovljava ko pokretne stepenice, to ne znam 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out!

  3. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere and commented:
    ‘An Alterable Void’ by Yves K. Morrow is a new paperback poetry book. Help the spread the word of this big debut.

  4. I’ll keep an eye out for it at the local indie bookstore.

    • Great! IF you manage to get a hold of it, and you enjoy it as much as I do, do voice it out in a review 😀 I would be most interested to see one of your great interpretations and metaphor tackles for one of Ybes’s poems 😀

  5. كيف حالك يا صديقتي بخير

  6. Reblogged this on theminstrelscitadel and commented:
    How wonderful it is to be able to support other poets via WordPress by reblogging and spreading the word that “one of our own” has published. It’s fantastic! And I will definitely buy this book!

  7. Love the cover art, Oloriel, fantastic! Am very excited to buy this book. And I agree with you that to hold a book in your hands is one of the best things in this world. I hope the fine art of printing never goes away.

    • Thank you very much, and believe me,the cover is nothing compared to her writing! All along while working I was afraid I will not manage to compliment her work enough!
      I agree with you wholeheartedly, may the paper books never dissapear!

  8. As you know, I adore this cover! You’ve done an amazing job and given Yves a cover deserving of her powerful poetry. 🙂

  9. You made a stunning cover for her book…beauty fitting her lovely words.

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