Black & White Friday – The Babylon Railroad


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~ by Oloriel on February 28, 2014.

26 Responses to “Black & White Friday – The Babylon Railroad”

  1. Highscapes crawl windowed skin
    Cocooning lives within
    black the dirt, white the air
    how do these souls live

    My bit 🙂 x

  2. This skyscraper exactly looks like as one in my neighborhood.

  3. Naš tipični black white socijal(izam) u smogu donašnjeg neoliberalizma…

  4. Super title!
    Great image!

  5. Where is the image from ?


  7. Vidim ja poznat mi je soliter i procitam da je u 27. marta. Odmah sam znala o kom se soliteru radi 🙂 Bas je zanimljiva slika :*

  8. Sorry darling, I have no original words for you today. I’m feeling very grey. Here’s Ani Difranco to tell you all about it:
    The sky is grey
    The sand is grey
    And the ocean is grey

    And I feel right at home
    In this stunning monochrome
    Alone in my way

    I smoke and I drink
    And every time I blink
    I have a tiny dream

    But as bad as I am
    I’m proud of the fact
    That I’m worse than I seem

    What kind of paradise
    Am I looking for?
    I’ve got everything I want

    And still I want more
    Maybe some tiny shiny key
    Will wash up on the shore

    You walk through my walls
    Like a ghost on TV
    You penetrate me

    And my little pink heart
    Is on its little brown raft
    Floating out to sea

    And what can I say
    But I’m wired this way
    And you’re wired to me

    And what can I do
    But wallow in you

    What kind of paradise
    Am I looking for?
    I’ve got everything I want

    And still I want more
    Maybe some tiny shiny key
    Will wash up on the shore

    I guess I’ve only got three
    Simple things to say

    Why me?
    Why this now?
    Why this way?

    With overtones ringing
    And undertows
    Pulling away

    Under a sky that is grey
    On sand that is grey
    By an ocean that’s grey

    What kind of paradise
    Am I looking for?
    I’ve got everything I want

    And still I want more
    Maybe some tiny shiny key
    Will wash up on the shore

    Read more: Ani Difranco – Grey Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  9. The picture definitely drew me in. Love that image.

  10. crno beli svet .

  11. In London, these buildings are called “Tower Blocks” and they are generally associated with council housing estates. They can be miserable buildings – your words fit and describe perfectly.

  12. yet it is not the end,
    the glass hasn’t shattered,
    neither the walls have collapsed,
    and there you are, you stand
    still, behind the scenes,
    wiping off white dust to clean,

    darkened blood of a breath,
    a last remnant before death

    Okay, I haven’t been writing. Therefore, I typed whatever came to mind. It is a beautiful and quite an eerie photograph. The b&w gives it quite a haunting feel.

  13. Great photo! Thank your for visiting and commenting on my latest poem.

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