Three of Spades


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Three of Spades

The three sisters were in love
with Francesco the magician.
One green as a shrubbery,
one a shimmering ruby,
one a mistress of an efreeti,
below, above, all three
tend the tender sinew
for the chosen one to see,
they send him perfumed notes
on petals
and write on them “Pick me!”
He asks of each an offering,
a formula of ‘love should be’.
The eldest throws beneath his feet
a rabbit’s heart.
The middle one unties her robe
and proceeds to play a harp.
The youngest one clasps herself in iron
and swallows the key.
Look carefully at he!
Francesco pillages the sack of Amor,
snaps his fingers,

*From The Deck of Cards series

~ by Oloriel on February 26, 2014.

44 Responses to “Three of Spades”

  1. That’s great

  2. nice

  3. Paints a very interesting story. Is there an actual myth attached to the poem and story? It sounds very mythological.

    • It is a part of The Deck of Cards (for lack of a better name!). I am for years devising a family tarot/oracle that me and my sisters could use, and this is one of the cards in it (like the others you may have read, the vineyard one for example, if you remember.)
      Under each card there is a writing like this, which is supposed to provoke a different understanding in each individual which embarks upon it. As for my own interpretation, if I was working with the card itself, it would be that someone is giving way too much effort to a hollow situation/action/plan, being a bystander and audience and should instead take part in the actual magic of doing it/the show 🙂

      • That sounds like a cool idea. It really did have the sense of a mythological story written in poem. I’m not familiar with what a family tarot/oracle is though. At least the term.

      • It means that I am not going to buy one, but craft one entirely – from paintings, symbology, description, to actual printing them and making the useable in real life – regarding the symbology, it will include and be tailored for the minds of us 4. My cousins are not so adept with cardreading. I have purchased them deck upon deck and it just did not work, they would not connect and get results and it is not so easy to find them where we live. So,instead of going through that for the milionth time, I am making us our own 🙂

      • Sounds like a smart idea. I never met someone from a family of tarot readers. Very cool.

  4. perfumed notes on petals – nice imagery. Three sisters..rivalry a plenty. I’m with Charles sounds very mythologic. Lovely O.

  5. Wow! Does the three of Spades equate to Sword Three in a tarot deck? xxx

    • Thank you, Alienora!
      As far as I know, it does not. The meanings for Three of Spades of a regular card deck would be something else entirely.
      These card poems that I keep posting are a part of my own deck that I am devising, and I must admit that the Spades suit does always tend to be associated with sourish topics of dissapointement , failure, trickery .

      • Interesting – I am impressed to hear that you are devising your own deck: how fabulous. No, the reason I asked about the three of Swords connection was because some of the meaning/symbolism seemed to be related! xxx

      • When you learn one deck, the symbolism gets into your veins one way or the other! 😀
        The first one I ever worked with is The Taort of Marseilles (Zeus knows if I spelled this right!), so my imagery and symbols do often remind and give an almost ghastly image of that one.

      • Aha! That explains a great deal. The one I work with is Caitlin and John Matthews’ Arthurian Tarot deck: I do many of my meditations on it – and do readings as well, once in a while. xxx

      • Arthurian deck, on my side, is my secret lover! I purchased the deck for my sister and she is the one working with it. I wanted to get one for myself too, but it never appeared in any store ever again, and that was around 13 years ago!
        She likes it, but finds it too dark and brutally honest (hence why I am devising our own deck!)
        For the last 10 years (because I could not buy the Arthurian one<3), I am working with Brian Freuds Faerie Oracle, and it is a most gorgeous journey and experience.
        I rarely do readings anymore. Last one I did was for my cousin on halloween, and he got so scared he exed 4 beers, staggered to home mummbling to his beard How did she know? It was supposed to be a game, not she telling the truth! 😛

      • Yes, this deck certainly tells the way it is. I don’t tend to read for others, but I will do a reading for myself occasionally.

        They have the Arthurian deck in Glastonbury – or did recently anyway because that’s where I got mine. I’ll have a look for you. xxx

      • Reading for yourself is the hardest, so I admire you greatly for that. Maybe I feel that way because the majority of my readings are for others?

        “The Washer of the Ford” – the Arthurian card that creeps all my family out, and I sense such immense power in it for example 🙂

      • Yes, Death as change. The Washer is very powerful; she is Sovereignty’s Dark side/flip side. I have done quite a bit of work on that card. xxx

  6. I’m with the one clad in iron…heheh. This is great writing! It reminds me of things written from a very long time ago…

    • I once put myself in iron claspings in Siena, so my sister could take a picture of me. My hands got stuck in! Luckily, I wiggled out 😛
      Thank you very much for reading and I am glad you felt the old note in it:D

      • I would LOVE to wear iron! When I was a little girl, I used to fantasize about the whole rum-swilling pirate thing- and yes, – I was always the pirate. 🙂

      • That’s awesome! 😀
        I used to play pirates too, but I prefered being a member of crew, the one that sits in that wooden thingy with a spyglass and looks for land 😀

  7. Shamefully I’ve not discovered you blog previously. I shall follow if you do not mind?

    • Ofcourse I would not! I could have swore I followed your blog long ago and was wondering why you are not appearing in my reader, but I shall correct that now 🙂
      Thank you very much for reading!

  8. what magic you weave in this story.. captivating.. and the end made my heart skip a beat…

  9. Don’t know anything of the power of Tarot but recognize the power of your words. Well done.

  10. يا اهل بلغراد تزدادون نجاح كل يوم بتوفيق

  11. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant!

  12. You have to use those magic cards, once, just for me.

  13. I like the one that swallowed the key. It’s crazy.

    • Yes! Although very common in history that people swallow objects to hide them or destroy them, as a desperate move or led by impulse 😀 And she thought Francesco will like it, seeing he is a magician 😀

  14. Magical, Oloriel 🙂

  15. “perfumed notes
    on petals”

    so beautiful 🙂

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