Herbert in the sky drawing dirigibles


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Herbert in the sky drawing dirigibles

I wonder from time to time
Where do your fingers rustle
Under sheets
And your sunflowers dance,
In this abstract vomit,
In this waiting room where I take off
Layer after layer
And barter with the remains
For a piece of that feeling
When you sat in my lap
And searched for meaning in the tangent and x
And the first letter of my name.
The sound of stilettos on the zebra jerks me.
Your perfume that perpetually
Disappears around the corner
And everything plushy always waves to me
From the shop window
When no one keeps an eye.

Do you remember what I told you?
The deaf rhythm of midnight,
Sleepy dark blue palletes
And caravans of unreachable pearls
On my shoulders,
On you a Bordeaux shirt
And my jacket.
Four times we kissed;
You put your palm on my chest.
Two jesters handcrafting destiny
Into a tango
And a pack of cigarettes.
We swore with our eyes
That it was precisely this
Which made Prometheus run through heavenly halls
With burning hands,
We combusted whole!
You asked me,
What if we already
Moved apart?
What if we never even met?
I told you,
Honey, look up to the arches;

You will see dots and spots,
You will see the abyss
And a negligee of black lace,
You will see blueberry jam
On an arid piece of bread,
But there beyond, above the crossword puzzles,
You’ll discern a lapel and a hat, a pair of hands
And curled moustache,
Coat and boots –
It’s Herbert in the sky drawing dirigibles
When someone falls in love
Like you and I,
Don’t ever forget it.

Nothing ever again gets cured by a mere touch,
You can’t trust the radio anymore,
Never again two times through Eden
In the same pair of shoes;
A hundred times already they disguised me,
Namesakes and unknowns both,
A hundred times I put my finger
To their lips,
So they would not dare and tell me
Sleeping Beauty
At half past seven in the morning,
Everything, supposedly, should fade,
What did we even know!
We were but two butterflies for a day;
Fallen from a pear tree
Into each others embrace.
Then you find yourself thinking
How everything else
Were someone else’s negatives turned into a movie
And released to echo in the ether
And how it looks alike,
So horribly looks alike
Yet you feel like a minor character
In your own autobiography,
It looks alike,
It’s not it.

They will run to you,
Your daughters;
With melon hair
And smeared lipsticks and mascara,
In somebody’s jacket,
They will ask you how to love,
They will ask you was it really them,
The two of them,
That flared up through the macrocosm
And was it heard at your street,
Their gingerbread hearts will shine
In the fever of sugar and moonlight;
And they will cry soon, you know it.

Tell them to look up to the arches,
The little house is there with a garden
And a restaurant
And ripped threads of tired sailors.
Venus and Cupid are there, dreaming,
And candied plums
And a lost blue hat.;
And there, a little beyond,
Show them the lapel and the boots
And twirling milky hands
And tell them
It is Herbert in the sky drawing dirigibles,
When someone falls in love,
Just then.
They should not forget.

When they are not looking, cry too.


Herbert na nebu crta dirizable

Zapitam se ponekad
gde ti
pod posteljom šušte prsti
i plesu suncokreti,
u ovoj
apstraktnoj bljuvotini,
u ovoj cekaonici
gde skidam sloj po sloj sebe
i trampim
za delic onog osecaja
kad si mi sedela u krilu
i trazila u smislu
tangens i x i prvo slovo
moga imena.
Trza me zvuk stikli
po pesackom prelazu,
tvoj parfem koji vecito
zamice iza ugla
i sve mi plisano uvek mase iz izloga
kad niko ne gleda.

Secas li se sta sam ti rekao?
Na ramenima mi gluvi ritam ponoci,
pospana teget
i karavan nedostiznih bisera,
na tebi bordo majca
i moja jakna.
cetiri puta smo se ljubili;
spustila si svoj dlan na moje grudi,
dve dvorske lude
od sudbine prave tango
i jedna pakla cigara.
Zakleli smo se ocima
da je za bas za ovo
trcao Prometej kroz hodnike nebeske
zapaljenih ruku,
celi smo goreli!
Pitala si me
sta ako smo se vec rastali?
sta ako se nikad
nismo ni sreli?
Rekao sam ti,
mila, pogledaj u svod.

videceš tacke i tufne,
videceš ambis
i negliže od crne cipke,
videces pekmez od borovnica
na sasusenoj kori hleba.
Ali tamo dalje iznad ukrstenica,
razaznaces rever i sesir i ruke
i dva uvijena brka,
kaput i cizme-
to Herbert na nebu crta dirizable
kad se neko zaljubi,
kao ja i ti.
Ne zaboravi.

Nista se vise ne leci dodirom,
nikad se vise ne veruje radiju,
nikad kroz Raj dva puta
u istim cipelama;
sto puta su me vec preobukli,
i imenjakinje i nepoznate,
sto puta sam im prst na usne stavio
da se ne drznu
tvojim glasom da mi pricaju
Trnovu ruzicu
u 7 i 30 ujutru,
sve bi naizgled trebalo da bledi,
ma sta smo znali!
To smo samo bili leptiri na jedan dan,
sa kruske pali,
jedno drugom u zagrljaj.
Pa se zateknes kako mislis
da je sve drugo
neko stavio na negativ i pretvorio u film
i pustio da odjekuje u etar
i kako lici,
kako strasno lici,
a kao da si sporedan lik
u sopstvenoj prichi,
a opet
nije to.

Dotrcace ti,
tvoje cerke,
sa kosama od dunje,
razmazanog ruza i maskare,
u necijoj jakni,
pitace kako se voli,
pitace jesu li to stvarno oni,
bas njih dvoje,
buknuli kroz vasionu
i je li se culo to kroz ulice,
blistace im liciderska srca
u groznici od secera i mesecine;
i plakace, to znas.

Reci im da gledaju u svod,
tu je kucerak sa vrtom,
trg, restoran
i rasparana vlakna umornih mornara.
Tu su Venera i Kupidon usnuli
i slatko od shljiva
i izgubljena plava kapa;
a tamo malo dalje,
pokazi i rever i cizme
i vijugave mlecne ruke
i reci
to Herbert na nebu crta dirizable,
kad se neko zaljubi.
Samo tad,
Nek ne zaborave.

Kad ne gledaju zaplaci i ti.


~ by Oloriel on February 11, 2014.

36 Responses to “Herbert in the sky drawing dirigibles”

  1. sometimes I have to admit I get a little lost in your work, but I admire your imagination and the imagery you brought to this. x

  2. divno… rastužih se nešto… ili raznežih… ne znam…

  3. Wonderfully imaginative and beautifully written.

  4. I love that you translate! My husband don’t get English poetry. Hvala! Muz kapira ovo, i imali smo sta da diskutujemo. Divno!

  5. Strange and beautiful, darling. Herbert in the sky drawing dirigibles. It’s a good thing you DON’T take drugs!!!

  6. wow, this is wonderful.

  7. A beautifully crafted, and creative piece. Just stunning

  8. “I told you,
    Honey, look up to the arches;

    You will see dots and spots,
    You will see the abyss
    And a negligee of black lace,
    You will see blueberry jam
    On an arid piece of bread…”

    Somebody calls him, he answer quite slowly,
    He is Herbert who draws dirigibles in the sky,
    He is the boy with kaleidoscope eyes! 🙂

    Zamamno! E, a svidja mi se i ritam ove pjesme!

  9. Superb images, Oloriel; I absolutely love it – it reads like a vision, a Grimms fairy landscape, a journey back into our common mythology. xxx

  10. When did you write this?

  11. You do have an interesting way weaving words Oloriel…personally I find that I have to go back and re-read, such is the richness of your words. A real extravaganza in beauty, what seems so simple, in the end is so much more profound!

    • Thank you form my heart, Bastet, for taking the time to re-read and wanting to immerse yourself in something I write, I know I often give my dear readers a hard time, especially in cases like these where the poem I presented has a personal great fondness for myself 🙂

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