Mrs. Seelie


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*Written originaly on Serbian

Mrs. Seelie

I have no sovereign
nor saint,
no prayer or a pitcher.
Before love
my bones are brittle,
my soul fades under the streetlight,
forgive me –
before you
of angles and flesh
I lay this ribcage accordion!
Play! Sing!
Speak to me!
Or the night will pull out your tongue
and plant it between my knees
for poppies to grow;
to court me.

I am a recitation of ash;
my eyes were once a train station
that stretched and curved
until it disappeared in the ocean.
The mermaids sold their harps,
I have no sisters
or relatives;
no queens or mistresses.
Resolve me like a silhouette into your breath,
the Moon taps the stars
as if they were drums;
your kind calls it

Do not ask of me
furs and stalagmites
nor mismatched wings;
not even a name I have!
I am called the weeping violin,
I am called the petite dark innuendo,
I am called the stone with lips;
I have no fangs nor hair of gold –

just a chrysanthemum crinoline
that opens it’s petals before the beast of prey
and one seed of belladonna.
Wake up!
Do not ever close your eyes!
The wind will burst you into pieces
and scatter you,
do not leave me alone
in this strange city.

Before you nacres
out of scarlet locks
I lay.
I have no wedding guests
or an orchestra,
no court nor garden
or a prow;

just a thorax opened with a bad incision;
just two empty palms
outstretched to you.

*The Seelie court are known to seek help from humans, to warn those who had accidentally offended them, and to return human kindness with favors of their own. Still, a fairy belonging to this court will avenge insults and could be prone to mischief. – from Wikipedia


Gospođa Seelie

Bez gospodara sam
i bez svetca,
bez molitve i krčaga.
Pred ljubavlju
krhke su mi kosti,
duša mi kopni na uličnom svetlu,
oprosti –
pred tebe
od uglova i mesa
spuštam ovu
harmoniku od rebara.
Sviraj! Pevaj!
Govori mi!

Ili će ti noć jezik iščupati;
posaditi među moja kolena
da niknu bulke;
da mi se udvara.

Recitacija sam od pepela;
oči su mi nekad bile kolodvor
što se prostire i vijuga
i nestaje u okeanu.
Prodale su sirene harfe,
sestre nemam,
ni rođake,
ni kraljice ni gospodarice,
razlozi me kao siluetu u svoj dah,
Mesec svira zvezde kao bubnjeve;
vi to nazivate
otkucaji srca.

Ne traži mi
krzna i stalagmite
ni krila rasparena;
ni imena nemam!
Zovem se ječajuća violina,
zovem se mali tamni inuendo,
zovem se kamen sa usnama;
nemam ni očnjaka ni kose zlatne –

samo krinolinu od hrizantema
što otvara latice pred grabezljivcom
i jedno seme beladone.
Probudi se! Nikad oči ne zatvaraj!
Vetar će da te rasprsne, raspe,
ne ostavljaj me samu u ovom nepoznatom gradu.

Pred tebe sedefe iz krvavih lokni spuštam.
Nemam ni svatova ni orkestra,
ni dvora ni vrta
ni lađe;

samo grudni koš otvoren lošim rezom;
samo prazna dlana dva ka tebi ispružena.

~ by Oloriel on January 29, 2014.

41 Responses to “Mrs. Seelie”

  1. this line is amazing: “I am a recitation of ash”, in a write full of them ~

  2. eloquent

  3. Luminous longing.

  4. Outstanding. Beautiful, evocative and wonderful to read; I absolutely love it. xxx

  5. If there was a “love” button for this I would click that, the “like” button doesn’t cover it. This is incredible Selena! I think this is my absolute favorite that you’ve written. The words are eloquent, pure, vigorous! I love this piece. 🙂

    You leave me in awe.

    • Thank you very much for your words, I feel very happy that you liked this piece! 😀
      Thank you very much for the reblog as well! 😀

      • Thank you for writing it. I read this one a few times, it’s delightful! 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on JDSFiction and commented:
    This is a work of sheer beauty. A must read. Visit ‘Color me in Cyanide and Cherry,’ you won’t regret it. 🙂

  7. This is fantastic a great read.

  8. Utterly amazing Oloriel , every line I am called the stone with lips, seriously lady where do you get this from? As us Aussies would say – serious shit.
    🙂 xx

  9. You make me cry. Beautiful. Thank you.

  10. I wish I could write like this you are brilliant absolutely brilliant!

  11. You are so marvelous. The line about planting a tongue between your knees was inspired, and made me feel sensual and terrified all at once.

    • Thank you, I was aiming for an effect like that. Fairies are always represented as sweet, nice or childishly mischevious,but there is something grotesquely sensual about them 🙂

  12. Wildly imaginative, Selena, I enjoy dipping into your imagery!

  13. Great character portrayal. The imagery is astounding, yet so natural. The plight, melancholy, warning… everything comes out beautifully in your words. Wonderful.

  14. “I am a recitation of ash”

    “Resolve me like a silhouette into your breath,
    the Moon taps the stars
    as if they were drums;
    your kind calls it

    Your work never ceases to amaze me. You have your own, unique style and I LOVE it. Have a great and inspiring week. – N xx

  15. wonderful, fabulous…i so love your voice 🙂

  16. Quite simply – magnificent!

  17. Breathtakingly beautiful, Oloriel.

    “my soul fades under the streetlight”

    “my eyes were once a train station
    that stretched and curved
    until it disappeared in the ocean.”

    “Resolve me like a silhouette into your breath”

    Love 🙂

  18. “samo grudni koš otvoren lošim rezom;
    samo prazna dlana dva ka tebi ispružena.”

    Is it odd that reading it on English I have one feeling and reading it on Serbian another?

  19. This is great !!!!…ovo ide na moj FB 🙂

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