Knight of Diamonds


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Knight of Diamonds

Seeing myself as a man of prestige,
With pockets full of shining gold
And shoes warmly greeted in many an inn,
All world wines I have tasted,
Bested my lips with the sweet touch of
Delicately squeezed grapes
Both black and white, more then
I have kissed the women;
While seduced by the taste or
Drunk, as people should say
An unbeatable truth spoke to me:
A man, such as myself who
Touched each grain and glass
And drank from every bottle
From every world’s end
Is not great;
Great is a man who has a vineyard.

*My personal favourite from The Deck of Cards series.Writen about 7 years ago.


~ by Oloriel on January 27, 2014.

30 Responses to “Knight of Diamonds”

  1. Love that last line.

  2. I like the picture and the words, wonderful. Creativity is so great. I’m a digital artist creating landscapes and backgrounds for a new comic that is about kindness and respect. It is so much fun it is more fun than work. This is when creativity works isn’t it.

    • Thank you, I agree, creativity is the best, when you both feel it and cater to it especially.
      Your project sounds interesting, I wish you much success with it! 😀

  3. I have to admit the last line grabbed me, too. However, I also really love the concept of this arrogant man, possessing of great wealth and opportunity, the object of envy, perhaps… coming to this humbling realization. Everybody needs to have a good epiphany once in awhile! Wonderful poem.

    • Thank you very much for reading, I am glad you liked it. Remember, sometimes a veil of arrogance in someones hand or on someone;s face is actualy a defence mechanism against oneself 🙂

  4. I can only concur with the other comments, I simply love this Oloriel ~ my favourites lines (as well as the last of course being –
    I have kissed the women;
    While seduced by the taste or
    Drunk, as people should say
    An unbeatable truth spoke to me:
    sublime and beautifully penned darling.

  5. Very elegant photo…. 🙂

  6. I’m on that site too… He has a nice page and gallery. thx

  7. I’m reminded of the poem by Edwardo Galeano

    Grapes and wine

    On his deathbed, a man of the vineyards spoke into Marcela’s ear. Before dying, he revealed his secret:
    “The grape,” he whispered, “is made of wine.”
    Marcela Pérez-Silva told me this, and I thought: If the grape is made of wine, then perhaps we are the words that tell who we are.

    • Oh, this is beautiful, thank you for sharing it with me! I believe it is a very special feeling when your words connect in this way with words of another without you even knowing.

  8. Ovde kod tebe je zaista pravi zamak duha. I zamah.

  9. Wonderful expression and story. And now, I need a bottle of wine!

  10. Ah! A simple truth, eventually realized. Wonderful writing, Oloriel. My favorite would definitely be the last line but the entire piece is beautifully written. 🙂

  11. Only grape wine? Arrogance!

    “Bested my lips with the sweet touch of
    Delicately squeezed grapes
    Both black and white, more then
    I have kissed the women; ” ❤

    last line…just perfect 😀

    • Yes! One day we should buy a vineyard and make one. Let’s hear some awesome name suggestions!
      Tesla’s tears?
      The Pixie corpse?
      Queen Mara of the 7 valleys?
      Nun’s underskirt?

      • Nun’s? Shouldn’t be Aunt’s?

        Pixie blood,
        Red tears,
        Midnight snow,
        Lone valley

      • Sir Poorkbuts Lone Valley Highway? 😀 Awesome
        Aun’t skirt and what is under it shall forever remain a secret for the mere mortals, but I guess our wine would taste exactly like that XD

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