Eurydice in the Supermarket


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Eurydice in the Supermarket

I saw Eurydice
at the supermarket,
standing in line
preaching scarlet verses
with her hair,
in a black coat
and with her head bowed
like a little lost girl
singing a mute tune
on the banks of Styx.
Her face shone
like an entourage of fireflies,
mindlessly dancing around
a single star attached
to a dark and gloomy night,
like a lighthouse full of ghosts
and tales of sunken ships;
like a delicate clichΓ©
we chose not to fall in love with,
like a red rose that knows
how to show us we are blood
and soul mates in the making
missing each other next to cornflakes boxes,
a possibility that someone
is coming to take us hand in hand away
to a place that is nobody else’s;
she looked doomed and serene,
like a butterfly clipped to a wall
still flapping it’s tiny wings,
like a storm inside one’s chest,
like a song you know since the day you were born,
like a women you would certainly
and retrieve from the very Hell.

And where will she go after this?
And does she know that her hand
nests between two oranges in the basket,
should I ask her to the fair?
Maybe I should pass her by
and brush her shoulder, touch her hair, breathe her air.
What does she dream and where does she live,
if we never meet would she know
she lives inside of me now,
in how many others? Are there others?
what would she say
and maybe I delude myself
or indulge too much
in Aphrodite’s play,
maybe we’re two figurines
she put next to one another
just to see if it looks good
and look at all the people
passing by
not even seeing her.
What is she thinking,
what’s the color of her eyes,
what does she like to eat?
I think I’d sell my soul to Hades
just to watch her as she sleeps,
as the cashbox beeps and beeps
and she moves,
I swear,
like a gothic ballerina.

I pay my dues
back in the real world
and my eyes are like rocks
which I cannot seem to move;
I count my money and my days
and I give them away
for a receipt
that tells us we’ve done good,
we have nourishment and food
and we kiss the cheeks of everyone
to say “Hello!”,
but there are women that we see in windowpanes,
throwing garbage, in the post office,
at gate a4 at the airport
and in the library, chewing on a pen;
and we fall in love,
only to have to let them go,
because it shouldn’t snow in April
and love is something else.
My heart was an inferno pit,
the condemned and the sick
climbing with their hands burning,
my throat like a broken harp
that makes the fingers bleed.
like a primrose in a wild field,
a plastic bag in her hand
and wanderlust in her sleeve
waiting for me to start playing That song.
The fairytale was as it should be,
a happy end, a memory,
she will follow me
and we will be together
in this same world, same shopping mall,
but just like Orpheus,
I stopped to hold her better
and look at her once more;
but just like Orpheus,
I turned around and she was


Euridika u Supermarketu

Video sam Euridiku
u supermarketu,
stoji u redu
i propoveda skarletne stihove kosom.
u crnom kaputu
i pognute glave
kao da je
mala izgubljena devojchica
koja peva nemushte melodije
na obali Stiksa.
Lice joj je sijalo
kao pratnja svitaca
u bezumnom plesu
oko jedne jedine zvezde
na tamnu i sumornu noc,
kao svetionik pun duhova
i pricha o potonulim brodovima,
kao delikatni klishe
u koji biramo da se ne zaljubimo,
kao crvena ruza koja zna
kako da nam pokaze
da smo krv
i srodne dushe u nastajanju,
mimoilaze jedna drugu pored kutija kornfleksa,
mogucnost da neko dolazi
da nas uzme, ruku pod ruku odvede
na mesto koje nikom drugom ne pripada;
izgledala je ukleto i vedro,
kao leptir proboden na zidu
koji josh uvek vijori
svoja malena krila,
kao oluja u nechijim grudima,
kao pesma koju znash od kada kad si se rodio,
kao zena koju bi zasigurno
otishao i preuzeo
iz samog Pakla.

A gde ce ona otici posle ovoga?
I zna li da joj se ruka ugnezdila
izmedju dve pomorandze
u njenoj korpi?
Da li da je pozovem na vashar?
Mozda da prodjem pored nje,
da dotaknem joj rame, kosu,
udahnemo isti vazduh.
O chemu sanja i gde li zivi,
ako se nikad ne budemo poznavali
da li bi znala
da odsad zivi i u meni
i, u koliko drugih? Ima li drugih?
Sta li bi rekla
i mozda se to ja
obmanjujem i upushtam previshe
u igre Afroditine,
mozda smo samo njene dve figurice
koje je jednu drugoj priblizila
samo da vidi dal’ to dorbro izgleda,
i pogledaj sve te ljude
nju ni ne vide.
O chemu li sada misli,
koje su joj boje ochi,
sta voli da jede?
Mislim da bih dushu Hadu prodao,
samo da je gledam
kako spava,
dok kase pishte i pishte
i ona se krece,
kunem se,
bash kao gotska

Ja placam svoje dugove,
nazad u stvarnom svetu,
a ochi su mi kao kamenje
koje jedva pomeram;
Izbrojao sam svoj novac i svoje dane
i dao sam ih za rachun
koji nam kaze kako smo dobro
sve odradili,
imamo hrane
i sve smo u obraz, kao “Zdravo”,
ali ima zena koje vidimo
kroz prozorska stakla,
kako bacaju djubre, u poshti,
na kapiji A4 na aerodromu
i u biblioteci, dok zvacu olovku;
i zaljubimo se,
samo da bi morali da ih pustimo,
jer nije po redu
u Aprilu sneg da pada
i ljubav je neshto sasvim drugo.
Srce mi je bilo
poput jame inferna,
osudjeni i bolesni
peli su se ka gore
spaljenim rukama,
moje grlo kao slomljena harfa
od koje prsti krvare.
kao jagorchevina u divljem polju.
Plastichna kesa u ruci,
zedj za putovanjem u rukavu,
ceka me da pochnem onu pesmu.
Bajka je bila bash kao sto treba,
srecan kraj, jedna uspomena,
ona me prati,
odlazimo zajedno
u isti svet, isti trzni centar,
al’ bash kao Orfej
ja stadoh da je josh bolje zadrzim,
bash kao Orfej,
okrenuh se i videh
da nje vishe

~ by Oloriel on December 15, 2013.

42 Responses to “Eurydice in the Supermarket”

  1. Very interesting poem Oloriel. It’s funny just the other day I was making notes to do a poem on Eurydice. Very strong imagery. How is your magazine coming along? >KB

    • Thank you KB. I think Eurydice is something we all touch upon sooner or later, I am looking forward to seeing your poem about it πŸ™‚
      The magazine is going great, we are at finishing touches right now, almost everything done except the biographies, for which I need to contact everyone in about 3 days, so expect to hear from me about that and some details πŸ˜€
      I left you a review for your book, did you see it? Hope you are having a wonderfull day!

      • No I have not seen it, but thank you for doing so. I hope you were able to leave one without ‘having’ to purchase it. If you were able please let me know how you did so. The purchase caveat was something I hadn’t counted on with people writing a review. I’m glad the magazine is going well. My poem is actually in the personae of Eurydice who though blaming Orpheus foir doubting her willingness to follow does not return to Hades but goes on to lead a second new life wqith or without him is his choice but she will not look to see if he is there as each life belongs to each person to live in their own completeness. >KB

      • I wrote on your blog about the review and gave a tip what can help others, because I have not purchased it yet, but managed to leave a review no problem. The thing is that many people make a “review account”, which has no purchases, hence why Amazon treats their accounts as sort of “un-verified”. So the people who want to leave a review need to do so with an account that already has a purchase. At least this is the only thing I could think of.
        They profit from reviews and not all people buy books on Amazon, but through other means – yet the reviews left there help boost their own sales, so not allowing people to leave reviews from some n reason would be prepostreous :/

  2. Samo sekund kada se zamisliΕ‘ u redu na kasi, sekund nekada potraje skoro celu jednu pesmu.

    • Josh kad bi i sa zvuchnika pushtali neshto kvalitetno, a ne muzicke bljuvotine 21og veka, bilo bi super πŸ™‚

      Ovako, moramo da pravimo neku svoju muziku non-stop.

  3. so many parts to this that I LOVE Oloriel
    Maybe I should pass her by
    and brush her shoulder, touch her hair, breathe her air.
    What does she dream and where does she live,
    if we never meet would she know
    she lives inside of me now
    Such a romantic write full of dream, inspirations and self realisation – truly lovely – thank you. x

  4. Brilliant!

  5. Beautifully written, thanks so much for sharing. I started thinking about my own tentative, cautious experience in romance at various times throughout my life. Nice trip down memory lane! Thanks so much!


  6. Delighted to see this wonderful painting that you have created using words.
    What resonated with me are these lines of yours,
    ” I count my money and my days
    and I give them away
    for a receipt
    that tells us we’ve done good”

    So,where do you sense the alignment between your words and the surrealistic movement you have painted above?


    • Hello and thank you for reading, I am very happy that you liked the poem.
      The image I attached is not mine, you can see the link to the original artist right under it.
      What made me choose it is the colors and the overall atmosphere that associated me with how one would attempt to paint how it feels to be in love at first sight.

  7. This is exactly the type of poetry I like to read!

  8. This is simply GORGEOUS! If it you don’t mind me asking: how long did it take you and how many drafts? My favorites lines, BTW:
    “Her face shone
    like an entourage of fireflies,
    mindlessly dancing around
    a single star attached
    to a dark and gloomy night”

    • My son sleeps for 1h at noon, IF I am lucky, so thats it, 1 hour, no drafts or anything.
      I am very happy that you liked it and thank you for taking the time to let me know πŸ˜€

  9. Splendid! πŸ™‚

  10. You always write in such a great visual! Beautiful… Magical and mysterious!

  11. … magical and mysterious indeed! So amazingly written – as usual! xx

  12. Your poems always move me, Oloriel. They make me think about so many things, things I couldn’t possibly list in a blog reply…

    “My heart was an inferno pit,
    the condemned and the sick
    climbing with their hands burning,
    my throat like a broken harp
    that makes the fingers bleed.”

    Love those lines x

  13. Oh! You have such a beautiful understanding of emotions. The similes poked my heart piercing it and finding their place within. The tale of Orpheus and Eurydice now pictured through your eyes… splendid. And the way you brought it to its eventual ending… beautifully written.

    • Thank you HA, I am at the same time both happy and sad that this poem resonates with people, kinda like We felt love and then we Lost it.
      Thank you very much for reading and leaving me a word of your own πŸ™‚

  14. I Nominate you for A Christmas Bouquet – Awards – Ajaytao – 48 Nominations
    please choose any 3 awards out of the 48
    accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award

  15. I love this profound take on one of my favourite legends…

  16. […] Eurydice in the Supermarket […]

  17. Wonderful πŸ™‚

  18. I LOVE it, especially, ‘preaching scarlet verses with her hair’: wow! Alienora

    • Thank you very much for the visit and your word, Mrs. Ogg πŸ™‚

      • Lawks, Esme! If Our Dreen could ‘ear you now! Jason! Go and bellows up that forge: Greebo’s claws needs a trim an’ ‘e took the vet’s left eye out last time!

  19. […] am constantly at awe at this woman’s prolific output — whether it be her own magnificent poetry, written under the influence of no drug other than her own intoxicating sense of the surreal and […]

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