I started a Magazine


Hello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderfull weekend and I hope your projects are going great! 🙂

A project, idea, a chip of a dream has been brewing inside my head for a long time, always getting postponed or discouraged  – not anymore!

I started my own magazine. It is going to be amazing, free, soulstirring. I would appreciate it a lot if you would take a look.

I feel as tho I have connected to a lot of people through this blog. You have so kindly opened the door and the window to me and with your writing and your art you have invited me straight into your being. It would be a heartwarming honor for me if precisley you dear friends would be the first ones to submit to this first issue of the magazine.

Now, I can write forever, but I am already tearing up, so without further delay, I present to you “The Tophat Raven” magazine 🙂


Any comments, advices, words, questions are most welcome!

~ by Oloriel on November 2, 2013.

116 Responses to “I started a Magazine”

  1. Good luck!

  2. Magazin je bio logičan sled dešavanja.

    • Zar sam toliko predvidiva? 😀
      Sta kazesh na ime Horhe, Gavran sa cilindrichnim sheshirom! Zelala sam da mene samu podseca nekako na Skadarliju 🙂

      • Dobra je sintagma, malo je gavran potrošen, ali kapiram da se flamingos ne uklapa, ili vrabac, golub…
        Imam jednu legendu vezanu za Skadarliju i cilindar.
        Pošto sam išao u OŠ Đura Jakšić, priča koja se prenosila sa generacije na generaciju, naročito na proslovama upriličenim u čast imenonosca, bila je sledeća:

      • Nekako mi je gavran blizak srcu, a i pisanju 🙂
        Ne znam dal ti je WP pojeo deo komentara ili pishesh u novom,ali jedva cekam da cujem tu legendu 🙂

      • Đura je posle duge letnje boemske noći osvanuo samo sa cilindrom i tako se nag vraćao kroz Skadarliju, držeći šešir umesto smokvinog lista, da bi ga neka komšinica pitala: Gospodine Đuro, pa u čemu je stvar? (zašto je go)
        a on je odgovorio: Pa u šeširu.

      • To se bash i poklapa sa mojim tvrdnjama da svaki ozbiljan pesnik nikuda ne ide bez sheshira 🙂

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    A new literary magazine on WordPress. Follow the link and get on the ground floor.

  4. Congratulations, good for you. I’ll send you something if you think it’s good enough. 😄

  5. Wow! That is wonderful. Congrats, Oloriel. 🙂

  6. Cestitam, bravo za inicijativu!

  7. Great show! Hope you have the best of luck!

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    Olodriel has launched her new magazine! Let’s wish her the best!

  9. Awesome! Good luck!

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  11. […] I started a Magazine. […]

  12. very awesome. I am Pressing this. 😀

  13. Congratulation! I wish you all the best with your magazine. It’s a great idea to get bloggers together to share their best 🙂

  14. Congrats! What a beautiful idea for a magazine love it!

  15. That’s awesome, Oloriel! I love the name you chose! 🙂

  16. congratulations and good luck with your new launch

  17. Good luck and a hearty congratulations. I wish you all the success imaginable. I may just have to submit a piece or two if you deem my creations worthy.
    Keep Inspiring

  18. Congratulations Oloriel. I’m happy for you. (= All the best

  19. What a wonderful idea! You have my full support! 🙂

  20. Super devojko, samo piči 😀

  21. Congratulations Oloriel. I would love to submit something for you. Just let me know how and when and what might be appropriate. >KB my email is annotating@aol.com

    • Thank you very much KB, I would be honored to showcase your work. I will send you an e-mail a bit later 🙂

      • Fine. I look forward to it. Do you have an idea of what kind of poem you would like? >KB

      • You know I read your work on a daily basis and in your case it would be very hard for me to pick something, when each poem is like a new inn on the side of the path of life.
        What I want is what you consider to represent you and your writing the best, your most loved piece or the one you are most proud of.

      • Thank you Oloriel you are to kind in saying that. But I have as small gallery on the armoire and wall next to my desk that I use to print out those poems that though not always successful are favorites of mine. Will there be a theme to to your first issue?>KB

      • We will not operate on themes, but sections. I am putting a list of those in the e*mail I am preparing for you,so it will give you a better direction on picking the work to submit 🙂

      • Great! >KB

  22. Congratulations, that’s great!

  23. Wonderful! I wish you the best!

  24. How wonderful for you! Good luck!

  25. Congratulations! What a great idea. If you are looking for poetry, I would be happy to submit one of mine.

  26. A wonderful endeavor Selena! You have the drive and artistry to see this through. I wish you success and look forward to reading and participating!

  27. Good luck, darling. If I think of something clever to submit, I will!

    • Thank you and this is great news, looking forward to your submission 😀

      • I sent something in this morning, darling — something sad and depressing to fit my mood…

      • Sad to hear you are feeling this way, I hope it gets better! I usualy check the submissions in the evening, since now I am covered in pizza dough and salamy and thinking how the hell am I going to even pick the pizza out from the oven without losing a limb, seeing my dearest husband fried the mittens a day ago (do not ask me how…. because I seriously don’t know how he managed to do this!). I hope you will try to imagine these scenes and maybe they will lift your mood! 🙂

  28. Congratulations, O, this is really exciting!!!

  29. Čestitke i od mene. Samo napred!

  30. Awesome! I’ve followed. Can’t wait to see what you have in store. Sounds interesting.

    Поздрав О.

  32. Oh, I’ve missed this! Well done, girl! I wish you and your magazine all the best and I’ll definitely be your biggest fan!

    • I am glad to hear this and you are always most welcome to submit (read welcome as “I am holding the door open and luring you in with chocolate/vanilla cake) your lovely poetry and photographs 🙂

  33. Divna ideja, želim ti puno uspeha 🙂

  34. Magnificent! Kudos!

  35. This is wonderful, Oloriel. Congratulations! 🙂

  36. Fabulous!!! I’m sure you will have some wonderful submissions. Lots of really talented people (like you) on WP.

    • Yes, the submissions are wonderfull and I can’t wait to show how it all looks. The first issue going live is approaching and it is very exiting!
      Thank you for your support, I really appriciate it, and you are always more then welcome to submit 🙂

      • Maybe after I see the first issue…I’m scared 🙂

      • Don’t be scared! because we are all scared, but I think it’s right about time we stop and be free – just like our art is. I made sure to make some policies that will make it friendly to submit, like, you don’t have to write anything new especially for me, you can show stuff you already shown somewhere else, because it is about showing Yourself, not the magazine only 😀
        I think many are waiting to see the first issue then see if they will dare, that’s ok too 😀

  37. Hi Oloriel,

    Are you still accepting submissions for the next issue?
    Do let me know

    • We accept submissions always. We do have tons of them, and we decide the fitting by the sections that we have. We also don;t turn down publications, just move the submission for the next issue and fit it in the new sections we are showcasing. This mostly refers to specific writing or art – like fantasy and sci-fi.
      You should check out the magazine’s page here and flick through the previous issue and see how it all looks –

  38. Hey, I never realized you ran your own magazine…
    Well, anything you see on my site you feel appropriate just let me know and it’s yours to use.
    And here’s to issue 50!


    • Whatever you wish to submit, you are always more then welcome! I want to show the work that is dearest to you, or you are most proud of:)

      • Well, that’s an easy one… I’ll get back to you on this. Poe has been in my head for weeks now; seeing your raven…
        I’ll get back to you.

      • a couple of questions…

        Would you prefer the poem(s) in pdf or jpg form?

        I am thinking of submitting four pieces, they are a series, from a larger series but I believe they work as a unit. (The elizabeth series).
        Is there a limit on how many works I can submit?


      • There is no limit. If you desire them to be writen on images of your own, instead of us designing a page, then you need to send them separate: both the images and the text. Separate because of scalling, not suitability of images or anything. It is much more easier for us to scale firs tthen place the text then go through everything like pixels everywhere.
        I loved your Elizabethian series, so am looking forward to it:D

      • Thanks for the info Oloriel.
        You know what I’d be very interested to see your designs for my work. I’ve always loved the idea of collaboration. As many have said, art is a lonely business, but that shouldn’t rule out accepting others into your process.

        And thank you for your kind remarks about my work.

      • The lonely saying is why I started this whole thing, and all of others! 🙂

      • Well I am happy to contribute any way I can. I do like where you are coming from.

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