Dear Friends

Dear friends, readers, followers,

You may have noticed that for about two weeks, my visits to your blogs have been scarce, my support to your work, participating in your challenges as well as my own posting was done rather moderatly.

I am having real life issues, with the internet, family problems, flu problems, existence problems that ask me to travel- among others.

I am writing this to humbly ask you not to get mad at me for missing a post of yours or not “liking” and commenting on something that was important to you. I have told many times that what I enjoy most about blogging is other people’s work, blogs and me giving support to everyone – and I have done this since the first time I opened this blog. But I have found myself in a situation where my personality and friendship was demeaned over a missed post and it left me sad – because it is shown as tho I did not care for someone on purpose.

I do not think any of us has a caramel cream chocholate pancakes life – all of us have problems and sometimes, they chip away and take away and demand the time we dedicate to doing stuff we love and with passion – which is blogging to me.

So please:

Know that if I have not read your latest work, it is not because I do not care or it is bad or I do not like you or whatever. It is because I have less time to read and be on the internet and I WILL NEVER blindly go and like your stuff or write a generic comment without reading anything at all and give you my fake support. What I offer you is genuine.

I cherish you all not as my readers or follower numbers, but as my friends and it feels bad to even ask you to understand my absence, but after what happened, I just felt compeled to let you know why I am not on WordPress as much as I would like to.

Have a wonderfull week all!

I will be back to full time reading and supporting as soon as I can, I daily miss reading your blogs!

~ by Oloriel on October 7, 2013.

76 Responses to “Dear Friends”

  1. Beautiful words and sentiment. LIFE does get in the way (as it should) we are but human. Thank you Oloriel for sharing this with your readers. I too am going through many things with my parents (elderly) and my daughter… we can only do what we can. I appreciate the support you have shown me and I hope all goes well for you. x

  2. Hope that all goes well, and everything gets better. Please take care of important issues first, and we wish you all the best. You will certainly be missed, but we can always catch up. Important is to manage the most important things in life, and matters with family and health which always numero uno. Cheers my friend.

    Nothing lasts for ever, even the phase of challenging times!

    Best Regards.

  3. Draga Oloriel,
    nadam se da ćeš se uskoro osećati bolje i opet nas radovati svojim vernim posetama i čitanjem.
    Puno te pozdravljam! 🙂

  4. I’m so that you’re going through a difficult period, but sorrier still that people should become angry because you can’t visit them! Seems wrong that the supporters don’t get supported sometimes. Hope you feel better soon in all respects. A warm hug for you. Bastet

    • I do not feel agree, I feel dissapointed in myself, as usual in life I feel as tho what I have to offer is not enough: that when you honestly give what comes to be asked of you is to be divine and flawless.
      Thank you very much for your support and your photos, they brighten my day 😀

  5. Niko nema prava da se ljuti, posebno na tebe koja si uvek tu. Zao mi je sto prolazis kroz los period, ali i sama znas da posle kise uvek ide Sunce i da je sve privremeno. 🙂 Zelim ti sve najbolje i da nam se brzo vratis. Ako bilo kako mogu da pomognem, pa cak i ako ne mogu a ti pozelis da porazgovaras sa nekim, pisi mi na mail ili fb. Puno te pozdravljam i saljem pozitivne vibracije! ❤

    • Hvala ti puno Sky! Tu sam ja, samo moze da se zadesi da nechiji post propustim ili vidim i procitam,a nemam vremena da napishem neshto. Hvala za vibracije, shaljem i ja tebi moje(dobre naravno, loshe cemo da zakopamo!) 😀

  6. Znas kako kaze mudrost: ne roni za biserjem kad je more olujno.

    Dobro je voditi racuna o drugima, ali moras sacuvati sebe da bi ti drugi mogli racunati na tebe. Ja se volim prisjetiti u tim ‘nekim trenucima’ ovoga:

    Onaj koga volim
    rekao mi je
    da sam mu potreban.
    pazim na sebe,
    u hodu gledam pred sebe,
    bojim se svake kišne kapi
    da me ne bi ubila.

    (Bertolt Brecht)

    Pozdrav 🙂

    • A u onoj jednoj pesmi se onaj udavi i kad je bilo mirno more, zeznuo ga brat da uzme zensku 🙂
      U pravu si sve sto kazesh i hvala za ove lepe i mudre stihove 😀

  7. Hugs and best of luck to you! I am sending you positive vibes =)

  8. Najradije bih prepisala tvoje reči (tako nekako, osim gripa, je i kod mene), ali umesto toga imaš moju punu podršku makar rečima da paziš na sebe iz razloga što si, kako sebi tako i nama dragocena.

    • Hvala puno, Tanja. Nekako, ja sam i navikla na drugachije, mi smo nekako uvek bili tu kao podrshka jedni drugima i niko nije uopshte morao ni da misli o tome da se pravda.

  9. Hope things improve soon. The non-digital world takes precedence over the digital one. There are times we have to step away, so I’m sorry you’ve gotten some heat for this. Good luck.

  10. Želim ti da što se što pre vrfatiš blogovima i blogovanju, ne zbog bloga, ne zbog naših postova, već zbog toga što će tvoj povratak značiti da je tvoj život krenuo normalnim tokom. Očekujemo te željno (nadam se da ovu misao smem da napišem u množini).

    • Hvala Sizife, tu sam ja josh uvek, samo manje vremenski nego sto bih zelela 😀 Mi smo, bar od kad ja blogujem sa svima vama, znachi tamo od 2005te, uvek mnozina 😀

  11. you owe no explanations – life consumes all of us

  12. To quote John Lennon: “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.” No worries. Always take care of your you personal things first.

  13. that is sad that you should have to write this, hope that all is well with you.

    • Thank you very much, friend. Hope you are having joyfull weeks and I am enjoying very much when you post your striking poetry. I am sad tho I have not yet had time to participate in one of your prompts, but I am working on changing that!

  14. I hope everything gets settled down quickly and you come out stronger. Best wishes for all your endeavors.

  15. Pa šta ti je dušo … Biće bolje, uvek bude bolje, samo treba vremena 🙂

  16. as wanderers within this vast space
    we come to know familiars faces
    a family of friendship is created
    you are always missed
    even a post you skip
    sometime life just gets in the way
    doesn’t mean you have gone away to stay
    understanding there is more than this space
    where your words have so beautifully graced
    is the act of patience until you find your time
    to be of writing again

    Be Well…as in body spirit and mind
    never mind the ones who don’t understand
    just a few corny thoughts in rhyme this morning hoping to make you smile
    for we all step away sometimes…yes life gets in the way

    Take Care…You Matter….and we’ll be here for you when you get back…
    Blessed Be

    • Thank you very much for your uplifting words! Your poetry is always very soul wrapping, I feel honored and blessed you are sharing your words with me.

  17. I also agree that you should not have to offer an explanation to your readers for having a life beyond the blogging world, but it is very sweet of you to provide one. I hope the issues in your real life resolve in an expedient manner.

  18. ocito ne citas vise pa ces procitati jednom. Budi dobro !

  19. It’s a shame that some people can’tunderstand that you have a life just like me and all the other blogs you follow. I did miss seeing your “Like” on my blog, but I figured you had things to do. I didn’t think less of you. I only thought you were enjoying life as you should. There’s no rush for you. You have to take care of your business first. We bloggers will be here. 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your words. I am a person that has been taught that if the frogs fall from the sky – it is because I have not been good and kind enough, hence why I will always accept the fault when someone accuses me of being a bad friend because I was unable to give them what they needed at the moment that they needed it.
      I am very happy to know that you ain’t going anywhere and I am looking forward to reading your posts! Hope you have a wonderfull week!:D

  20. I know how you feel, dear. And im the same way, people sometimes think that i just ignore them, but when life gets busy, i dont want to throw meaningless likes, just for the sake of it.
    So take your time. Dont ever feel pressured. There is a life outside this beautiful creative place too.
    We will be here, always waiting for your new adventures, but never expecting anything in return. Be well, O!

    • That’s exactly how I felt Chatty. Sometimes I also feel the expectations put on me are too high, unreal, something I think no human being can aspire to. People at hard times also often tend to weight and measure pain and put one in front of the other, while the hars truth is that pain is pain – we are both suffering and feeling it, so I do not see the point in making mine seem bigger. It is why also you will rarely see me write here of my real life hardships, because I want to be here to make you smile, make you confident – not so I could get support or a like. Nobody’s life is pure joy and perfection, anyways.
      Thank you for always being here for me, I value you a lot and you know already I enjoy to read your writing 🙂

      • Yes, thats exactly that. The pressure must be high and you feel like you want to scream and shout because there isn’t enough hours in a day to even chase your own thoughts.
        Be well, my dear. The feeling of appreciating each others writing is mutual!

  21. Let me say first that I just love being able to read in English on WordPress, I can brush up on my English – your literary skills are exemplary – plus you understand my posts which are Cyrillic. Amazing to say the least. Secondly, you are very welcome each time you visit, your sincerity is truly refreshing, so feel free to come back in a year if you need to, I won’t hold a grudge. I am sorry for the rough time you’re having, we all know how gruesome it can be when all the shitty things pile up and hit you at once. My support goes out to you lovely Ololiel and I hope you will be cheerful soon! :*

    • Thank you Mina. People like you is what is making me love my country, internet and poetry since I was just entering my teens. In a sea of garbage, bright stars like you is what is making me feel less alone in this world, as well as making me have someone to look up to – their strenght, courage, their beliefs and personalities.

  22. Thanks for the update. Sending my best wishes and looking forward to more of your beautiful poetry in the future.

  23. Oloriel, I’m sorry you’re having troubles, I’m even sorrier you were made to feel bad not being able to have as much blogging time as you would love to have. We all have things that come up. I too have had a list of things come up the last few weeks that have made me be lesser in the blog world and more in the real one, please don’t feel badly. I come to your blog to read you because you write beautifully, I expect nothing from you in return. Take care, hugs and positive thoughts your way, everyones words will still be here when you have time – CK

    • Thank you very much C.K., I am very happy I was able to discover your blog and I enjoy your writing as well. Thank you for the positive thoughts and I send mine to you as well, i hope you ahve a wonderfull week!:)

  24. You are a wonderful person, leaving your mark by your honest feedback and regular appraisal of our works. Everyone understands that we all have a life apart from the virtual one.
    I hope things get better for you soon. Do not find it obligatory to read every blog post. We blog because we find it a very interesting prospect for sharing our works and reading others’ works. It is all about having fun.

    You have been a very dear friend and very supportive to me. I thank you for that.

    • Thank you very much for your words , HA. You are a very kind and talented person and you are an amazing writer. I hope you are having joyfull times and I hope you have a very wonderfull week! 🙂

  25. It’s perfectly understandable, Oloriel. Sometimes we are having problems to deal with, sometimes we are busy doing other things, sometimes we’re just bored writing and reading. I hope everything goes well for you.

    • Thank you very much for understanding, you know how I feel about your writing and believe me, I am at a loss here whenever I am unable to read.

  26. Ево једне нежне сличице из детињства…
    Увек окрепи!!!

    Главу горе
    Срдачно те поздрављам!
    ПС. ВЕРУЈ!!!

  27. I for one take no offense. Take all the time you need! 🙂 I am sorry for the hardships you are going through, but poetry and friends can transmute all that to eternal sunshine. ^_^ *hugs*

  28. Selena, life gets busy near and far from our passions. I hope you are farther from the flu and other problems and closer to your loves. Take care and please know that your comments are like whispers to my heart because I feel your sincerity and always find delight in them. Please do not apologize for your absence. Be well my friend.

    • It makes my eyes tear to know that my support can provoke feelings like those in someone, it makes me feel like what I wanted to accomplish with this blog is a step closer to being succsesfull. Like I wrote in rpevious comments, I am at a big loss each post that I miss.
      I hope you have a wonderfull week!

  29. O, do what you need to do, don’t worry about us — life is what’s important. Sending hugs.

  30. Życie jest dobre, i tak jesteś. 🙂

  31. Hope your week has been traveling in the best way 🙂

  32. Thanks for stopping by.
    This text is very nice but unnecessary. The Internet takes care of its creatures. Sometimes you can take care of others and then they take care of you. Kind of like real life 😉
    Have a nice day and take care of yourself

    • Thank you very much for your words. You are right when you say that the internet takes care of us, but it is nowadays something that is rarely seen and known anymore for many.
      Hope you are having a wonderfull week! 🙂

  33. This is a beautifully expressed sentiment. I know it’s hard to keep up with all the perceived obligations attached to blogging, but you do have to live your life too. I’m sure your readers are grown-up enough to understand this. Thanks, by the way, for being kind enough to like my piece. I look forward to visiting your blog again.

    • Thank you very much for taking time to leave me a word of your own. The internet has always been a warm place in my eyes, a place where I have years ago formed bonds that last to this day and have transcended the online status to real life. I believe it is crucial that, no matter that I am not looking directly into your eyes, but to a screen of your words, I treat you and cherish you and love you as what you are, which is a human being.

  34. Sorry that I missed this, Oloriel. You need not apologise for time constraints, and anyone who expects an apology is not worth your time. Reading and commenting on blogs is time-consuming, and we all have lives outside of that. Those who truly know and understand you will appreciate that. Sending love and hugs to you, always xoxo

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