Black & White Friday – secret worlds


As always – feel free to join in and connect, with a photo, a poem, anything that says Black & White 🙂

~ by Oloriel on October 4, 2013.

27 Responses to “Black & White Friday – secret worlds”

  1. Contrast of the darkened flowers
    nestling in the night, against the
    backdrop of the moon ~ simply
    black and white

    Like ebony and ivory
    the keys melodiously played
    tinker…tinker to Beethoven the
    masterpiece wakens a new day

    lovely photo Oloriel – thank you.

  2. secret wor(l)ds

  3. Zebras are black and white, but are they black
    With white stripes or the other way around?
    Orcas too are white but mostly black and deadly,
    Black birds are of course as black as ravens.
    At night when the moon and stars are out
    The sky is black and white and can be read
    And of course newspapers are white and black
    But rarely is the news as simple as all that.
    It’s like the way we fall in and out of love
    We’re never really out of it when we fall
    Out of it, we just like to think it’s black or white.

    • I think we are neither white of white nor black of black, I think we need to aknowledge the third category, the mix, the coin – the black AND white 🙂 You raise very interesting points that imply our distinction as mind by how we see a line and how we see a dot and which one is at which time greater.

      • The dot may be greater because it is a line coming straight at you, though a line may go on forever. It’s perspective and knowing what you see is really what you see. Somethings are just shadows.>KB

      • I like the dot better, because it stops somewhere, with a line I am never sure how long will it last and does it ever end; will I have to follow forever, will I have to leadn, will I have to frollic, always a HAVE TO. Dot is better.
        Shadows are best served with tea and cookies, even shadows never decline that and while they sip and chew for that one moment – poof, you need to be gone. Preferably into something white, for the moment 😀

      • Smiles, I prefer the line–you can stand on it.>KB

  4. Darn, I have 2 poems scheduled for next week’s challenge that would have worked well with this. Absolutely love the photo. So darkly beautiful.

  5. Your white skin
    compliments black and twisted state of your mind.
    Monochromatic mood,
    dilemma of the two,
    is something we will have to live with.

  6. two extremes linked
    inexorably connected
    by many shades of grey
    that fill the in-between
    unseen by naked eye
    influencing from shadows
    in plain sight secrets hidden
    an illusion of black and white

  7. Gorgeous I am obsessed with black and white photography. I always connect more emotionally with photos that are black and white

  8. very good, pal 🙂

  9. black and white day
    a sodden photograph left
    those summers lost

    That is a really nice photograph.

  10. I love the photo. Reminds me of something sad yet beautiful. I have an unfinished poem. Still poor right now, but seeing this photo, I can’t hold myself from writing it.

    My thoughts
    have no roofs and walls.

    When they bleed,
    the city glows red,
    the sun turns transparent.

    You should take care
    of my thoughts,
    for when they die,
    your world will go black
    and every light useless.

    Something like that. Still half-baked, but I will work on it. 🙂

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