The Waltz


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The Waltz

An envoy of stuffed teddy bears
watches as we gobble down
cheap carton wine
and vomit out Helvetica,
the watercolors dry
and steady hands douse
the secret notes
on back of mathematic notebooks.
There are stories,
resting in a puff of smoke,
decapitated daffodils
mourning in a vase,
one, two, three;
two, two, three,
Stick a straw inside the haslet
and suck until it’s dry;
the devil is bored of our loneliness.

This is not a love letter,
this is a shank,
this is the arsenic speaking
in the voice of a morinel
that once played Wooden Mary
in the feathers of your pillow,
this is you before the scythe
unfolding your clothes
like litanies,
strip teasing dead cells,
this is you laughing like a lunatic
when people kill something
they thought you own,
trying to be that poem
hanging in the gallows
of your decrepitude.
Hide the guitar inside your spleen,
bake the hogtied harlequin
at 360 degrees,
one, two, three;
two, two, three;
Tomorrow they will wash you off the streets,
Coppélia in the sewers,
grit in the eyes.

Somebody out there
missed someone
the jealous postman left them on the curb,
so I stole their postcard,
a black and white picture
of a man
flying a kite
and it was beautiful to be blue;
still, I live my life
pretending I am her,
one, two, three,
two, two, three,
Your train will be arriving,
we just don’t know when
and the train tracks lead back
to that one same name,
we hope to lose forever
in the ashes
of an October,


Izaslanik od plishanih meda
gleda dok halapljivo gutamo
jeftino vino iz kartona
i povracamo Helvetiku,
vodene boje se sushe
i mirne ruke polivaju benzinom
tajne poruke
na poledjinama svesaka iz matematike.
Postoje priche koje se odmaraju
u oblachicima dima,
obezglavljeni narcisi
oplakuju iz vaze,
jedan, dva, tri;
dva, dva, tri,
Nabi slamku u srce divlje zivotinje
i sisaj dok ne postane suvo.
Djavolu je dosadila nasha usamljenost.

Ovo nije ljubavno pismo,
ovo je trup,
ovo je arsenik koji recituje
glasom pijukavca
koji se nekad igrao Drvene Marije
u perju tvog jastuka,
ovo si ti pred kosom,
odvijash svoju odecu
kao litanije,
striptizirash mrtve celije,
ovo si ti dok se smejesh kao ludak,
kad ljudi ubiju neshto
sto su mislili da ti pripada,
pokushavajuci da budu bash ta pesma
koja visi na gubilistu
tvoje oronulosti.
Sakri gitaru u svojoj slezini,
peci uvezanu dvorsku ludu
na 360 stepeni,
jedan, dva, tri;
dva, dva, tri,
Sutra ce te sprati sa ulica,
Coppélia u kanalizaciji,
shljunak u ochima.

Nekome tamo negde
neko je nedostajao,
ljubomorni poshtar ostavio ih je
na ivichnjaku trotoara,
te sam im ja ukrala razglednicu,
crno-belu fotografiju coveka
koji pushta zmaja
i bilo je prelepo biti plav;
ipak, zivim svoj zivot
pretvarajuci se da sam ona,
jedan, dva, tri;
dva, dva, tri.
Vash voz ce stici
samo ne znamo kad
a shine vode nazad
do onog jednog istog imena
koje se nadamo da cemo
zaboraviti zauvek
u pepelu
nekog Oktobra.

~ by Oloriel on September 20, 2013.

49 Responses to “The Waltz”

  1. Enchanting!

  2. … Wow, just wow! “the devil is bored of our loneliness”. So much good in this I don’t know where to start… *standing ovation!* ~ B

  3. this is epic

  4. This is stunning! My favorite line: “and vomit out Helvetica”. 😀

    • Yeah, it was one of those lines that just simply insisted to be in. I was writing and some voice in my head that watched the poem get born just said “Cheese Luize, you are barfing out Helvetica” and it completely intruded my writing in a sense of I typed it down. Sometimes writing is like an unexplainable magic:D
      Thank you very much for reading and I am glad you liked the poem!

  5. like, like, like

  6. Pravi valcer… Ovo što prati je’n dva tri posebno mi se sviđa…

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  8. Amazing. Your writing always make my eyes pop with phrases like “strip teasing dead cells”. Especially love those last 4 lines. Really incredible writing. 🙂

    • Thank you very much Cubby, I am very happy that you enjoyed reading and that those dark emmanating places do not seem like too much for the eyes. Sometimes, when I write, I feel like I forget to be gentle in getting a knowledge across.

  9. “still, I live my life
    pretending I am her,”

    Love that – and all of this. It just aches so beautifully.

    • Thank you very much for visiting and taking time to tell me what you liked about the poem. I think all of us at one point tried to be that other Her or Him or Somebody, thinking they are better loved.

  10. excellent as always, hope you are well, my dear lady, sorry for yet another long absence. keep smiling and keep writing, best wishes from Baldy 🙂

  11. Excellent!! As usual! 🙂

  12. This is my favorite poem of yours. I love the atmosphere so much. Your expressions, your choice of words, as usual, are simply stunning.

  13. a što ne prevedeš na srpski i za nas obične smrtnike ? 😦

  14. This is an excellentn B&W.

    and vomit out Helvetica, <<<< Haaa…. perfect.

  15. ajd baš da vidim 🙂

  16. Hvala na trudu, cenim to, inače pesma ima neku svoju specifičnu harizmu
    u svom magnovenju, kao krik očajnika koji je besan na sve oko sebe pa i na samog sebe

    i mnogo bolje zvuči po naški, verovatno zato što sve razumem 🙂

    • Besno beznadezan, tako nekako 😀 Hvala puno na chitanju, a i sto me podsecash da treba josh prevoda da pokachim, osecam se i ja pomalo chudno kad ne prevedem 🙂

      • doduše, ne bih rekao da si beznadežan slučaj čim pišeš ovako dobre pesme 😉

        baš me zanima kako ovi stranci doživljavaju pesmu jer engleski jezik daje drugačiji smisao…bar tako mislim

  17. I could almost hear the music as I read this poem…so somber, yet so alive…

  18. So incredibly rich with images, O! And I danced the whole way. One, two, three…

  19. This is amazing, I loved it! 🙂

  20. I can see that you’re a poet who puts her whole soul into things. Great to come across your blog, and thanks for the earlier comment on mine.


  21. Atmospheric and wicked. My mind was going everywhere. Just loved it! Glad you stopped by my place so I could find yours because your work is intriguing.

    • Thank you very much for reading and visiting! I enjoyed your writing a lot and it makes me happy to know I could somehow return the emotion favor with knowing you liked a piece of mine as well! 🙂 Looking forward to reading you!

  22. […] If you want to get lost in words, I highly recommend Oloriel’s blog and poetry.  The last piece I viewed: The Waltz. […]

  23. Great work, dear!

  24. Obožavam da te čitam, ovo je predivno… (:

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