Taken unto Zephyrus



Taken unto Zephyrus

I had a rendezvous ‘neath the moonlight;
hair as wild as a rose,
my brown Victorian dress
teasing my knees with ruffles,
my un-matching purple scarf;
cold and curious
I awaited
my secret suitor.

In a whirl, I was in his embrace;
my breasts rose up and down,
a pyre,
smeared and smudged
through the air,
like a sunset
I was inflamed
on the canvas of the night.

I looked,
my eyes disarmed
and wide in their surrender,
as the July wind
took my hand,
the dry voice
of my invisible lover
strummed through my head:

“I know these raven eyes,
that look away in shame
when the tears of the storm
cascade the window
with their last plea of life.
I know this dress,
it still smells like fingertips
of the crowd dancing
to the eulogy for the dolphin,
swallowing you.
I know this scarf,
how every of its strings was named
by each poem that split your pedicle
to inoculate its azaleas,
to remind you why you walk
that same street, each time,
caressing the “No turns” sign
in despair.

I have seen your armor,
finely polished,
your little mirror,
your labyrinth,
unraveled choker of melted silver,
your “fine Saturdays” suit,
your laced gloves for Wednesday,
your pride fine-crafted
into juggling blades
by blacksmiths of the summer nights.
I have seen you leave the Grecian urn
and never dare ask the street sweeper
where did they take your love
as the gravestone mourned in silence;
you smiled and bowed
and the bells of your headdress jiggled,
you jest the Shakespeare on the stage
and the audience claps and laughs,
saw it all.

Show me,
show me something
that you have never
shown to anyone

My clavicle sparks in thunders
and I take off from my shoulders
the invisible backpack
full of folded worlds
and things named;
I reach for my ribcage,
I dig into the skin
and pry it open,
I invite
“Zephyr, look inside.”

You see, I’ve got the blues,
in all the shapes and hues,
a little
gray-haired fae-child
strings my alveoli
and I hum this tune
of otherworldly sorrow,
while the city sleeps.
Don’t tell anyone!

We kiss.
We part.
I appear healed.
I sing.
I can hear the Zephyr cry
and hide from other winds.

Published in the first issue of the magnificent “The Paperbook Collective” magazine, created and weaved by the wonderfull Jayde Ashe.

Submissions for Issue 3 are being accepted. I submited something again and I would LOVE to see you friends on the pages there with me. GUIDELINES HERE!

~ by Oloriel on September 9, 2013.

39 Responses to “Taken unto Zephyrus”

  1. Well done for making it there! But your poetry is so outstanding, it should surely be shared with others as much as possible!

    • I rarely submit my poetry for publication (read as Never), because it feels bad to know that someone will be judging my truths and my pains and deem them unworthy or not good enough.
      Jayde is doing an awesome thing, submiting for her just felt right since the moment I saw the offer. You should definitely check it out as well 🙂

      • Well.. You make it sound very appealing, darling. But i must say, i feel the same – the dreading blow of rejection. But i guess one had to go through a bunch of those to become immune and not let that affect the writing.
        I’ll give it a go 🙂

  2. Lovely image. Lovely poetry 🙂

  3. Loved the image you paint with your words. Exquisite 🙂

  4. Congratulations for making it to the magazine.. very well deserved.

  5. This one was a visual explosion!

  6. i’m so happy for you Oloriel, congratulations.
    and as always, a magnificent, image rich poem.

  7. What a powerful piece. I love this bit — it is captivating (among many others):
    “I know this scarf,
    how every of its strings was named
    by each poem that split your pedicle
    to inoculate its azaleas…”

  8. Your poetry makes me sigh in a way that my own writing cannot. There is so much beauty and elegance in your words; it is always such a pleasure to read them. 🙂

    • I think this is not a solitary case, I often feel that way when reading your poems and poems of other people here on WP or well known poets also. Somehow , to us poets , our own pain or joy will never be expressed just right, just perfect – I think it is one of the things that makes us poets in the first place 😀
      Thank you very much for reading and you should check the magazine out and submit something, your poems are gems and messages of hope and love and I would love to see them read in many more corners of the world:D

  9. This is so profound… so magnificent… just absolutely captivating. You are one of the BEST weavers here on wordpress. 🙂

  10. Thanks so much for your support here Oloriel! As everyone has said, your poetry is outstanding and should be shared as much as possible! It is incredible to have you on board The Paperbook Collective.

    Friends of Oloriel, I do hope you submit your work too!



    • Thank you, for making a magazine me and many other actually want to submit to 😀 No, really, thank you! Ever since I first read your first issue post and idea I just felt like home and I feel honored that you have let my words and tears and blood and smiles be on your pages!

  11. Congratulations Oloriel- I sadly could not compete with the talent that you have. This is amazing.

    • True talent I believe lies in our ability and courage to let our soul speak. This is what is so special about this magazine, because it is like a soul gramophone and not a judging booth – it wants to hear you, just like I do and just like many more people in the world want to. Somebody, one day,will wake up in the morning and the first thing he will think about is your words. That is the only thing that maters – a Free Loving Soul – everyone can learn to scribble or use a dictionary or compose poetry by rules 🙂

  12. I hope you will succeed in publishing, no matter what the word “success” mean

  13. Wonderful! I could feel every word engraved in this majestic creation, Oloriel.

    • Thank you very much, I am very glad you liked it! I saw you are preparing an entry also,and I feel so happy to know we will be on pages together and looking forward to reading it! 😀

  14. Oh Congrats!!! Very well deserved this expletive deleted brilliant!

  15. This is so wonderfully romantic, and shows your incredible love of poetry and literature — so many coy little references throughout this.
    This would also sound wonderful being read, but one thing at a time, eh?

    • I think my greatest happiness comes when references are noted and recognised, because most of them actually never mean what people think they mean,it is entirely some story of mine.I like the mystery of it.
      Wish me luck with the phones for the recordings! 🙂

  16. Lovely piece, Oloriel! Very much enjoyed.

  17. Savršeno se igraš rečima. I inspirišeš me da pišem.

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