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Since I started blogging here, I have been nominated for more awards then I can count right now by wonderful people of this community and I have been lazy with answering to those, I confess. So, this is going to be a text of honoring those awards, but I am not so good with “Must”s so I will do it in my way and change it a little.
The award template asks the person to write 11 random facts about themselves. Well, in order not to be repetitive, I would have to write about 120+ random facts about myself, so I am going to do it like this: I will present to you, dear friends, 11 songs that in some way represent me, touch me, I see as a snippet of my character or a memory and I will write something about myself under each song. Sounds good? Damn right it does!
So, get your coffees and your teas and your beers and turn the volume up 😀

1 A perfect circle – 3 Libras

~ This song represents how most of my relationships with people went and still go: I feel as they do not see me, for who I really am and just pick something, pin it on me and treat me like that, while I always observe them as something pure and filled with light, celestial beings.
I have a hobby: I sing to the clouds. This song is the one I most often sing to them, random times, random places, it just sort of happens, I look up, I start, I sing until the song is over. Quite romantic isn’t it? Not so much when you happen to be doing this in the most crowded street of Belgrade 
My ascendant is Libra and I love Libras!

2.Acid Bath – Venus Blue

~”Slow desolation like a funeral procession, the lonely one screams like she’s caught between stations”
I love trains. Absolutely love them! I am enchanted by them. Until I was 15, I never had a train ride. I told this to a classmate and he skipped a whole day of school with me so we could ride trains.

3.Shinedown – If You Only Knew

~I married my husband 4 days after first seeing him face to face. We bought wedding rings for 20 liras on the street, walked into a church and demanded to be married. The priest thought that it was very cute. It was 8 pm and the churchyard was full of cats.

4.Dreadful Shadows – Twist In My Sobriety

~When listening to music, I pay a lot of attention to the lyrics. If I find the lyrics shallow, I will not care what the actual music is like. My taste varies, you can say, just as my poetry writing does.

5. Astronautalis – My Dinner With Andy

~I wore baggy rap clothes for years, as well as only and ONLY skater sneakers. My school class was making bets as to when will I hop into mini skirts, tank tops and high heels and mock those sneakers. I still wear them, I treasure every pair and each pair has a double name – one name for each sneaker.

6.Bayside – They’re Not Horses, They’re Unicorns

~ I believe in mythological creatures. I also practice divination since I am very little. It sucks.

7.Garry Jules – Mad World

~I changed 4 high-schools, because my family thought it is honorless to be a chef.

8. Johnny Cash – Hurt

~I believe this song has one of the most touching lyrics and arrangement, music, everything – ever! It speaks to me a lot because I used to self-hurt. It also helped me understand better my friends who were using drugs and not abandon them.

9.Cat Stevens – Moonshadow

~No, I did not get my name from this song, I found out about this song after I already picked it, years before. This song came like a perfect fit to the puzzle, a perfect hue into my mind and I adore it. People constantly mock me for listening to Cat Stevens. I constantly mock them for listening to folk 

10. Chris Cornell – Seasons

~The first song I am learning how to play on guitar. When I was 2 years old, I wanted to be a repair-man and I was constantly nagging my dad to buy me a titanium drill whose commercial I saw on the TV. I also used to take in stray dogs and at one point had 13 dogs living in my yard. My first dogs name was Masha and she died, because our neighbor poisoned her (he did not like her playful character)

11.Soundgarden – Pretty Noose

~My random facts are all gloomy! So, here is something not so gloomy I hope. I have a tattoo on my back, I have a pierced eyebrow and I am deadly scared of crustaceans!

There you have it folks. Hope you liked the tunes. Thank you to all who nominated me for something during the past few months and sorry for not following the rules – that’s just how I am! I would also like to say that I nominate everyone who reads this for everything (seriously!). Hope you enjoyed the sounds!

~ by Oloriel on August 25, 2013.

12 Responses to “Commendations”

  1. Thanks for the music! Took me back a little. Hadn’t listened to APC for years. The 13th Step was amazing album. Soundgarden are still one of my favourite bands. Great interesting facts and post!

  2. First of all your comment box is psychic when I was waiting for it to load it loaded with some of my comment already written which I hadn’t even typed yet lol Ahem I love your artwork!!! I mean love love, which it was in my living room right now kind of love! I love that you sing to the clouds that is so adorable and it is the kind of cute thing that would cause me to squeeze all the stuffing out of you. That is so romantic about you and your husband I love that story =) I love the train story, I love it all you are awesome!

  3. Congratulations on not following the rules! I enjoyed this post. 🙂

  4. I love the way you did this. I like the concept of these blog awards in showing appreciation for others, but the strings that come attached are a bit much for me and my perverse nature. If someone tells me to jump, I am more inclined to sit. If someone tells me to sit, I’ll want to jump. That’s just the cat in me. Again, I love how you used songs to represent you in some way. Congrats on all the awards! 😉

  5. I also have a tattoo on my back (and on both arms) 😀

    Now I know why your poetry is so good. You are artistic in every way—how you like singing to the clouds, how you married your husband, even how you skipped school with your friend to ride trains. This post will add a new perspective when I read your future poems. In fact, I’m thinking about doing the same thing as I’ve always declined (respectfully) the awards I got :p

  6. This is so wonderfully honest and vulnerable, thank you for haring yourself with us, Oloriel — so glad we “met.”

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