How do I love thee


How do I Love thee

You run with wild splendor, an unrestrained dream,
with smiles and joy and all the wordly beauty seamed
into sunshine painted songs composed in images of me
with a thousand red, red hearts I love thee.

With caresses and embraces and kisses possible to number
only by the sorrows stripped and ripped and torn asunder,
a star in radiating gushing ploy that seldom wanders free
with a thousand red, red hearts I love thee.

In sleep or wake or tears that halt upon the roses of your face,
with humility and gratitude that bundle into timid grace;
The azure sky within your eyes a final resting place for me
with a thousand red, red hearts I love thee.

You run with wild splendor, an unrestrained dream,
with a thousand red, red hearts I love thee.

*Writen inspired by the prompt at We Drink Because We’re Poets, saying inspired because I do not believe I wrangled it good. I wrote this for my son and with him in head,so I decided to leave it as it came, instead of tweaking it.

~ by Oloriel on August 3, 2013.

66 Responses to “How do I love thee”

  1. Adorable.

  2. Hepili kidou.

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  4. oh, how BEAUTIFUL he is Oloriel! and isn’t it funny, the first thing my daughter learned to draw was red hearts. a wonderful poem, i’m so happy for you both. {{{ h u g s }}} and *smiles* to you, Oloriel.

  5. Squee you have activated my mommy instincts. This is so precious I love it and your soon is so handsome =)

    • son not soon

    • It’s all his father’s genes! He really is too cute, I have little girls coming to him kissing him,giving him chocolate, one even played a mini guitar for him. I have no idea what am I going to do when he becomes a teen.

      • You are in for some trouble haha I remember one time I was taking Isadora from daycare and this little boy threw himself on the gate crying begging that I wouldn’t take her home it was so cute, that same boy waited for her everyday. She is a cross between hubbie and me but a good cross lol

      • I parked my son out of a mini-store in his stroler and looked away for literaly 20 seconds just to take money out and next thing I see there is a girl feeding him a chocolate muffin 🙂

      • I forgot to say the prompt is up =)

  6. iz ovih predivnih okica jednostavno zraci ljubav.

  7. I ja sam osvojena 🙂

  8. “with a thousand red, red hearts I love thee.”

    Such simple expression but with such deep impact!
    Your boy is very fortunate to have you!
    Bless you both..

  9. magnificent, your child is as beautiful as your poetry, pal. Best wishes from Baldy 🙂

  10. Super. A sin ti je baš sladak. So cute… 🙂

  11. Lovely, and great sentiment. 🙂 Great picture of your boy too, such a wild and joyous smile. Good show!

  12. This piece is so precious! I absolutely adore it. 🙂

  13. Aah, this is a beautiful tribute to a mothers love. Wonderful, and your son is gorgeously happy 🙂 xox

  14. You did a wonderful job with this sonnet! Adorable lovely child a metaphor of life.

  15. This is such a lovely, sweet poem. It warmed my heart to read. Your son is a real cutie pie!

  16. Wow, your son is too adorable and the poem is really good. =)

  17. No need for tweaking when you write S.O.C and heartfelt such as this. This was a mother to her son and words do not need editing or meter correctness – you wrote how your thoughts were and your words poured from your heart.

    • These were my thoughts as well. He was napping, I decided to write and what I had just spilled out for him, it felt bad to tailor it when it was heartfelt and honest 🙂

  18. Singing here like a song in the words which flow, Listening to the rhythms beat on every “a thousand red, red hearts”. It travels well for being untweaked.

  19. Thank you! I was wondering is the flow melodic enough.

    • There are a lot of choices to finding one or more melodies to a piece, sometimes how you want to approach each syllables’ sounds, and the spaces they carry in-between can help as a way to explore the variances.

  20. I like “thee” instead of “you” – easily makes song out of poem, so singable in a way – perhaps in some renaissance key.:)

    Lijepo, crveno majkino srce…

  21. Слатка инспирација је у колицима па није ни чуда да је песма слатка 🙂

  22. You have a beautiful son. Love the way his eyes smile. Lovely poem, my friend.

  23. Ако нађеш времена, ту сам започела игруаутобиографија/

  24. such a wonderful feeling of love from the photograph to your fingers to the page….your young man is gorgeous…
    Take Care…

  25. I feel the “bursting with love and pride” in this and as it should be. I hope you collect some of these treasures to give to him to read when he is older. Very precious moments to be shared. Thank you…makes me think of my 2 children and grandson:) Namaste

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  27. What a nice picture and wonderful poem.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog….and the story you told about the medals. SO very sad, but I do understand the man’s rationale.

    • Don;t mention it, I enjoyed reading and am happy I discovered you!
      I guess it is rational,but I am one of those people who will I guess be burried with their collections. I think we sell out of ourselves way too much on a daily and life basis allready, I crave that little piece of emotion bottled up,imprinted into a corner of a stamp or a line in a napkin.

  28. Your son is adorable. I love what you wrote here, Oloriel.


  29. This is such a beautiful, and sweet poem. Your son is so cute! I am so thankful that you shared with your readers two of your beautiful creations. 😀

  30. Hes all lovely dovely when hes good, and when its naughty time, dear god… 🙂

  31. Really love this…So beautiful! Thank you

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