Four of Diamonds


Four of Diamonds

Young soul:

Travel you may to the Sun’s brothel at the east,
Feast on the light,
Sway in the ecstasies of warmth
Until your very own bones crack from

Visit you may the inns at the west,
And as you rest your weary head
You can smile as the hemlock laced remains of your hope
Cascade upon you
With the mask of a delicate spring rain.

Trespass you may the cold chambers of silence at the north
Crush the frozen waters with those lips
Of a delicate liar whose skin is stone
With hands that carve an aspiration;
A heart entirely made of ice.

To journey you may to the oasis of south
As the shell of a peach
Unrolls to a sea that drowns
while the wind smelling of salt fills your body with sand
Changing your screams to a distant noise.

Yet that grain of dust in your hand is your only reality,
The city you crumbled down while making love to a whisper.

Never grow up.

*From my Deck of Cards series.

~ by Oloriel on July 19, 2013.

44 Responses to “Four of Diamonds”

  1. I love the imagery you have in this piece. It is so sensually evocative-Love and Death. That’s what life is all about.>KB

    • Thank you very much for your comment, I am very glad you enjoyed reading and that I have managed to capture the essence of my thoughts into a clear image 🙂

  2. It can often take the journey of a lifetime before we find ourselves!

    • I believe if only we would more often stop and feel and breathe in the world around us, the journey would be so much prittier.
      Thank you very much for reading!

      • I couldnt agree more! I also think though, that the journey IS the destination because after all life is simply a journey through the self.
        It was my pleasure!

  3. Your last lines absolutely captivated me. You have such a wonderful way with words, and I thoroughly enjoyed “Four of Diamonds” for it’s lovely imagery and use of directions to guide the reader, a cross, central to the one. Amazing!

  4. Oloriel, darling.. You did it again. As you always do. The beauty in this piece breathes such contrast! “changing your screams into a distance noise”… my favourite line.
    You are truly such a talented one.

  5. Wow, the images in this poem are so intense! From “Sun’s brothel” to hemlock laced remains of hope all the way to the crumpled city in a grain of dust — amazing. Really brilliant, Oloriel.

  6. Always such grace with words. This piece feels very sensual and thought provoking. A stir of emotion. Great work, Oloriel. You never cease to impress me with the texture and weight of your thoughts. 🙂

  7. My favourite line: You can smile as the hemlock laced remains of your hope
    Cascade upon you
    I love how you never take the simple metaphor — why say “poison” when there are rich words like “hemlock” that add a touch of alliteration with the word hope? Powerful stuff as always.

    • Yeah, it is like if someone would come and tell me “Some guy died, he got poisoned”, I’d emediatly ask :”With what?” 😀 Hope tends to sneak up on us sometimes, pretending it is gentle, before poisoning us to death, it is the hope against reason, the one that hurts the most.

  8. Loved it all – but “Until your very own bones crack from Illumination” is spectacular

  9. winds of four directions present themselves at each cross-road
    each ending in your last two lines…( I like the whole thought very much, but the two lines made me pause and read several times…)
    What an energy driven poem,,,
    I enjoyed the journey
    Take Care…

    • I am glad you enjoyed the journey, as well as that you enjoyed taking a swirl on each of the winds, so I can give back some of the pwoerfull feelings your poetry always leaves me with.

  10. I got shivers of delight reading this. Wonderful. Reowr!

  11. Trespass you may the cold chambers of silence at the north
    Crush the frozen waters with those lips
    Of a delicate liar whose skin is stone
    With hands that carve an aspiration;
    A heart entirely made of ice.

    Oloriel, so many times i want to, have to come back around to read your poetry again. this stanza hit home with me, amidst the beauty of the entire poem……at least to me this read like a possible journey through our day, a journey through a life.

    and i will tell you that your words are a constant source of inspiration, your love of life and its little details infectious. i am incredibly grateful to know you and your poetry.

    so amazing are you!

    • We have all,I believe, wished at one point in our life to be ice, so feelings and dissapointements cannot hurt us.
      I feel very honored that you wish to reread and as you know your support is deeply appriciated 😀

  12. Like. Beautiful.

    Tired old soul.

  13. You word everything so elegantly. This poem is enchanting. 🙂

  14. Absolutely stunning! I wish I could write like you wow you take my breath away with your words.

    The new prompt is up =)

    • Nothing is showing for me! I hate this goddamn Reader! I will I guess do it and merge it with the previous fairytale one. But thanks for letting me know!! 🙂

  15. “that grain of dust in your hand is your only reality” – my favorite! I’ll remember this sentence. How talented you are, dear friend!
    For some reason, I keep missing your posts in reader. I don’t know why.

  16. Very nice!

  17. Gorgeous! 🙂

  18. “Until your very own bones crack from illumination” – thats my favourite line. Such a picture in my head. Hits home for sure…

  19. This is brilliant! Great imagery and every stanza, especially the first one, is striking. ‘Sun’s brothel’, ‘bones crack from illumination’, ‘hemlock laced remains of your hope’, ‘mask of a delicate spring rain’, etc. How did you come up with these powerful phrases in only one poem… It’s amazing. 🙂

    • I am very glad you lied reading this! It is a part of 55 poems, where each poem corresponds a playing card and it is devised and envisioned to be like messages or signs, kinda like divination and each card has a different story to accompany it. This one tho is one of my own personal favourites:)

  20. Lied reading this?

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