My first Guest Blogging

I love the idea of Guest-blogging. Lately, I have been having some thoughts about writing, as well as observing people around me write and strive. We all share a great deal of ourselves with each other, including the often struggle of finding a point to our writing, finding and practicing a way to improve it. Some advices and events I have seen envelop before my eyes were rather disheartening. I wrote an article and at same time spoted that Daan was having open guest blogging spots and I decided to participate.

Check out the article and tell me what you think 🙂

And please, KEEP WRITING your stories!


~ by Oloriel on July 17, 2013.

12 Responses to “My first Guest Blogging”

  1. I love your generosity and sense of sharing. I’ve hosted guests on my blog in the past and should do so more often. I read wonderful things. Perhaps I will choose a day of the week and dedicate it to sharing.

    • Thank you very much for taking time to read and write! Guest blogging is indeed great, it gives an extra,improtant spice to community.

  2. I loved the article! I certainly have a lot of growing to do lol I have noticed since I started to write daily that it has been good for me, sure I post some crap but learning to push through and write even when I am blocked or in a certain type of mood has been helpful. What is guest blogging? I think it sounds obvious but I would like to know more. I do the prompts so people can share their work on my blog I want to be encouraging of other writers and maybe even do some joint projects

    • This is only part 1 of the article, we thought that the whole thing posted at once would discourage people to read for it’s lenght:)
      Prompts are a great way of practicing or just enticing your own inspiration. Problem with me and prompts is that I very often do not find them inspiring and at the same time I need just a little spark to finish something I am allready working, so I see no point in pushing myself in writing on something I did not like at all. Then comes a week I find 20 inspiring prompts and I feel like 20 Muses is just breathing down my neck 😀
      Guest blogging is when you write something for another person’s blog. That person invites you to be an Author on his/her blog and you write there. It is a great social event,s erved to improve your reader base, give fresh content and get people to engage in conversation.
      I think your prompts are great btw, I have a fairytale in my head for days now,just no proper time to type it out, I think I am doing about 10 things at same time right about now and thats just writing/projects, mundane obligations excluded 😀 I hope I manage to type it out on time!

      • It is okay by me if you are late because I would love to read it! I didn’t expect when I started that I was undertaking such a big story lol I understand now I write for Carbon Noise Poetry, I have no idea about the technical aspects of that though, I really have no computer savvy whatever I visit some blogs that I can’t even figure out where their latest posts are lol

      • I believe you, there is countless of options here on WordPress. I come from a now closed Serbian blogging website where there was not even 2 percent of stuff you can do and tweak here.
        I love CarbonPoetry and it is because of you that I discovered them 😀

      • That makes me so happy! Even before I joined their writing team (which baffles me that I was invited) I was always trying to promote them I filled out award questionnaires just so I could put their link (along with other blogs I love) in as many place as possible lol

      • Thanks for reminding me I am way late with those rewards XD That is also one of the beauties of WP, we can promote each other, people are ecouraged to do it and it just tight-knits the community.

  3. well, Oloriel, that was an impressive essay to these ears. as someone who has lived a life ‘outside the lines’, defied authority, rebelled against rules, your words and advice was music to my ears but i’m older, there is no expectation of being published, in fact i never think about it. would it be nice to write all day, make a living at it, maybe, it all depends on what compromises i’d have to make. i’m not keen on selling out my soul for money, or to adhere to someone else’s idea of what’s right and proper.

    i write for the joy of creating, for connecting with like minded artistic folks and sometimes for the catharsis.and honestly, my present status will probably remain, until i write my last poem.

    {{{ h u g s }}} and *smiles* Oloriel.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the article.
      The writing advices people share can be discouraging, up to a point to make a person quit writing completely and I just wanted to voice my own opinion.

  4. I’ve heard of guest blogging, but never quite understood it as usually someone’s blog is their space, their place, their platform.

    This had me see it another way though. Thanks, & cheers 🙂

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