The Season of Where


*English translation included

Sezona Gde

U jutro belo
u plashtu od plisha,
staklenom zimskom huku
koliko ti je vazno
biti topao
i gorish li
u podsecanju
ili nadi?

Tegla meda
ne kvari se
kada atom
kratkotrajne prozdrljivosti
uroni prste u masu.
Cilibar se ne topi
niti spava pod voskom
dogorele emocije,
vec vibrira
zatocheni grom dodira.
Transkript sutona
govori ti
vishe o ljubavi
nego otvorena knjiga
i muva misli
na nektar rubina
dok stremi ka lampi.

U jutro belo,
kada si pola svoj,
a za drugi deo
rvesh se sa Morfijusom,
koliko ti je vazno
jesi li bos
ili odeven u nju
dok zemlja
pod snegom.

Jesi li izmerio
daljinu zudnje
da prolece
njenog uzdaha
nezni vetar
tvog uzburkanog molekula?
U nocnom satu
jesi li
kushane beskonachnosti,
otisnut u meki rub
njene usne
ili zal
zbog sitosti
i koraka nazad
u samog
i potpuno


The Season of Where

In the white morning,
in the mantle of plush,
a glass winter roar,
how important it is to you
to be warm
and burn you
in reminders
or hope?

The jar of honey
does not get spoiled
when the atom
of short-lasting edacity
sinks fingers into the matter.
Amber does not melt
nor sleeps under the wax
of burned down emotion,
but vibrates
the imprisoned thunder of a touch.
The transcript of twilight
tells you
more about love
then an open book
and the fly opines
of ruby nectar
while striving for the lamp.

In the white morning
when you are half yours,
and for the other part
you wrestle Morpheus,
how important is it to you
are you barefoot
or dressed in her
while ground
under the snow?

Have you measured
the distance of longing
for the spring of her heaving
to become
a gentle wind
of your tempestuous molecule?
In the nightly hour
are you
a vestige
of tasted infinity
imprinted in the soft brim
of her lip,
or a ruth
for satiety
and the step back
into solely
and completely

Inspired by Daily prompt. There is a lot more ways I could show you the same topic, in different visions, revisions and words, but it came to me like this and I am deciding to honor it, even tho the meaning connected to the topic can be a bit hard to find.

~ by Oloriel on July 16, 2013.

40 Responses to “The Season of Where”

  1. “and the fly opines
    of ruby nectar
    while striving for the lamp”
    These lines felt nice as I was reading your poem. But it did seem a little too abstract (maybe it is so by your design). Patches of beautiful imagery shines through all over this poem.

    • It is something I was pondering and writing about lately: which distance is more hurtfull or greater: the one of a mile or a sentiment, the one from a loved one or your own soul 🙂
      Thank you very much for reading and commenting!

  2. That Morpheus is a bugger for his early morning wrestling bouts.

  3. This is gorgeous. Absolutely love this. Two paws up. Reowr!

  4. The last verse just killed me. It’s so powerful! Darling, you definitely have a talent so rarely people posses, please never let that disappear… I love how you weave words into sentences that give such a powerful impact and influence our minds to turn wheels of creativity. Brilliant, dear. Just simply outstanding.

    • Thank you very much for your words and don’t worry, I tried to kill my words countless of times, but they are simply immune to everything 🙂 It does make socialising in my surroundings extremly hard tho, because despite what may occur as a thought, this poetry I share here, these sentences, are not just the way I write, it is the way I would speak to you if we were sitting and drinking coffee.
      You know I love your writing aswell, I look forward to new words from you! 🙂

  5. There are so beautiful lines in this, Oloriel! I especially love this:
    “Have you measured
    the distance of longing…”

    The distance of longing — what a powerful image! Fantastic work.

  6. Извињавам се, много се извињавам… Које ти је корисничко име да те додам на мојблог.рс?

  7. Honey, honey, honey 🙂
    Love it, its different in form from what you usually write, love it 🙂

  8. Your use of your second language is better than my use of my first language.

    • Thank you very much for your heartwarming compliment. I have considered English as a way I would like to speak since I was 5 years old and knowing I am good at making my point across with it makes me very happy 🙂

  9. A beautiful write!

  10. I posted a comment from my phone earlier, but it obviously failed.
    So many wonderful phrases and images…as always 🙂

    “a glass winter roar”

    “Have you measured
    the distance of longing”


    • Lately, WP is being very buggy with the comments and the buttons, hope they sort it out permanently.
      Thank you for reading and I am glad you liked it 😀


  12. lullaby
    of words drifting me

  13. This leaves me with the warm and fuzzies. 🙂
    I dig your words, as always.

    • I do wonder would Alan like it 😉
      Thank you for reading and the warm and fuzzies part means to me that you know where you are and are at peace with it, which is always a good thing to hear 🙂

  14. Wow djevojko … ako bi htjela da quote nesto iz ove (i ne samo ove ) poem trebala bih quote sve …fantasticno ❤ 🙂

  15. “measured the distance of longing…*sigh* that verse sent shivers through me
    I have only a limited vocabulary but if I could create another word for beautiful I would…
    (okay wonderfully breathtaking will have to suffice)
    Take Care…You Matter…

  16. I remember when you told me, something to the effect that your former instructors did not take your poetry seriously. I cannot imagine why. It doesn’t make any sense. How could they not? The word with which you present yourself cannot be denied, Oloriel. Very nicely done.

    • I was 12 at the time, they wanted me to write about bunnies and butterflies thought this kind of stuff is vastly inapropriate for someone of my age to be writing about. It was rather discouraging,but I believe it was their loss 🙂
      Thanks for taking time to read 😀

  17. Beautiful work:)

  18. Hvala za prevod 🙂

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