Cradle me into the Sun


*Image produced by using, that I have discovered thanks to Sahm.

Cradle me into the Sun

your resplendent chariot
courses through my vein,
the flesh of the grape
bulging the canticle
for your eternal blaze.
I stand beneath you,
my primrose
bathes in your garments
cascading from the cumulus.

I slumber
on the rudder of your hand;
I am breastfed
by your milk of truth,
I am embraced
by your wind of growth,
I am embellished
by the tears of your eyes,
the delicate rubies,
the rhubarbs of Summerland’s cornucopia,
by the jeweled whip of path not yet taken.

Among the watchers, loud in impending grief,
I am bowed and I nurture
the ground with my saliva,
I return to you,
I stand ripe,
in the envoy of your sons.
I feast on your wisdom
just as you
feast on my innocence,
we transcend mortality
and omens,
I, tied to the wheel, turn gracefully
in my joys
same as in my sorrows.

Behold, I stand in blades of grass.
the emeralds spiral,
dance to greet you passing;
the hands of dethroned kings
resting on my shoulders,
each one of them
with a beard slightly longer,
just as the cloth of my death is tattered
yet still young;
In the blush I remain,
’till my word is as old
as your youngest summer.

’till my path crumbles with my womb,
till the strings of my hair
are no longer a riddle,
’till I no more walk to praise you
but to plead you
to cradle me as well into the Sun
and sing me lullabies.


Uljuljkaj me u Sunce

tvoja blistava kochija
protiche mi kroz venu,
meso grozdja
strca kant
za tvoj vechni plamen.
stojim pod tobom,
moja jagorchevina
kupa se u tvojoj odeci
koja pada u slapovima sa kumulusa.

Ja spim,
na kormilu tvoje ruke,
podojena sam
tvojim mlekom istine,
prigrljena sam
tvojim vetrom razvoja,
ukrashene sam
suzama tvojih ochiju,
tim neznim rubinima,
ravenima roga izoblja zemlje vechnog Leta,
draguljnim bichem staze josh nehodane.

Medju posmatrachima, glasnim u nadnesenoj zalosti
poklanjam se i negujem
zemlju svojom pljuvachkom,
vracam ti se,
stojim zrela
medju izaslanicima tvojih sinova.
Gostim se tvojom mudroshcu
isto kao sto se ti
gostish mojom nevinoshcu,
nadmashujemo smrtnost
i prorochanstva,
Ja, vezana za tochak, okrecem se graciozno,
u svojim radostima
isto kao u svojim tugama.

Pogledaj, stojim u vlatima trave,
smaragd u spiralama
pleshe da pozdravi tvoj prolazak:
ruke kraljeva svrgnutih sa prestola
odmaraju se na mom ramenu,
svaki od njih
sa bradom neznatno duzom,
kao sto je odelo moje smrti dronjavo
al’ ipak mlado;
u rumenilu ostajem
dok moja rech ne bude stara
koliko tvoje najmladje leto.

Dok mi se put ne izmrvi zajedno sa utrobom,
dok uvojci moje kose
vishe ne budu zagonetka,
dok vishe ne hodam da te slavim
vec da te molim,
da uljuljkash i mene u Sunce
i pevash mi uspavanke.

*This is the first inspiration I got that immediatly got tied to the silk-weave image I produced few weeks back. I got hooked, now suffering serious addiction to the webpage and weaving, that I have sworn to write a poem to accompany each weaving I make, in an effort to make me stop weaving for two hours a day (it is not working, but hey, at least I am trying!). This poem is for and from Litha, Summer Solstice. I have recited this to the sky, much to the horror of my neighbours. The bold lettering in the poem signifies where I have raised my voice.

~ by Oloriel on June 22, 2013.

18 Responses to “Cradle me into the Sun”

  1. Super ti e ova pjesma!

  2. Super work!
    The image is, also, spellbinding!

  3. There’s something of the demonic about that image – like a big firey bat.

    • Most of the stuff I mad eusing this program resembles Rorschach stains, each person I guess sees something different inside of them. What impacts it and makes it so is probubly a long stroll into psychology, only to emerge perhaps still untrue. The way I slightly see it is, a message that the Sun nurtures us and feeds us and keeps us alive, but at the same time burns us, chokes us, can kill us.
      Thank you for taking time to write to me, I am terribly curious what would you see in my other silk-weavings 🙂

  4. What to say to this…only one complain, we both don’t like the sun 😉

  5. Wow, Oloriel, this is so in the tradition of Rumi, and yet so uniquely your own BEautiful.

  6. You are a lovely person, and it shows in your writings. ❤

  7. This one is slightly different than the usual ones from you. But oh so descriptive!

    • I am most glad you have enjoyed the images. I admit I had no idea where this one was going, it was a spoken spontaneus piece, but I like where it took me 🙂

  8. Ovo je sjajna pesma. 🙂 Strašno cenim ovakav stil u poeziji. Naizgled lako i opijajuće čitljivo, ali je potrebno iza svake metafore videti simboliku. Bar ja tako doživljavam. 🙂 U svakom slučaju, jako mi se dopada. 🙂

    • Drago mi je da ti se svidja. Ishchitavam tvoje stvari, al nekako me poslednjih dana tuga nekako zgrchila i stegla, prosto ne znam sta bih rekla 😦 Al obecavam da cu nadoknaditi!

      • Ne opterećuj se time 😉 A ni ja ništa veselije ne pišem 🙂 Svesna sam da stavljam čitalaca u nezgodan položaj 🙂

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