To Orion


This poem was written about 10+ years ago. It feels weird reading it after so much time passed, realising the same strenght of emotions and the same message are with their strenght still the same inside of me. I will also include the translations later, I am looking forward to celebrating today the fact I am no longer sick, my throat does not hurt and I feel great! Yay! Now the thing you all are here for, the fossil poem. I hope you enjoy it.

To Orion

Petals that bleed red liquid velvet

are a shelter for your riddles,

that, while I still had hopes,

you sang to me

and directed me in life.

The sand-clock is empty,

somebody stolen all the sand

and it’s purpose now is to remind me

that Sun is fading

and time ran away……..

……and you are gone,

I will never find a rose on my doorstep again

and no-one will be there to wake me up

when I get carried away with dreams……

…..the dust is one the stairs

‘cause the door to our hiding place is forever locked

and my hair is forever growing

‘cause it’s the only thing that still remembers your touch…..

I shall no longer walk the endless azure fields

and I shall no longer know the meaning of shame

‘cause your voice is not there to tell me what’s right

and to keep blades away from my vein…….

…..and I shall forever live with a curse that you exist

far away..

and I’ll nourish all the memories

‘cause they are the only thing

that can teach me the meaning of joy.

You are deeply carved in my heart


as long as my smile resembles yours……..

Evo i prevoda

Za Oriona

Latice sto krvare crveni techni somot

sklonishte su za tvoje zagonetke,

koje, dok sam josh imala nade,

ti si mi pevao

i usmeravao me u zivotu.

Peshchanik je prazan,

neko je ukrao sav pesak

i njegova svrha sada je da me podseti

da Sunce zalazi

i vreme je pobeglo…..

……i tebe nema,

vishe nikada ponovo necu naci ruzu na svom dovratku

i niko nece biti tu da me probudi

kada se zanesem sa snovima……

…..prashina je na stepenicama

jer su vrata do nasheg mesta za skrivanje zauvek zakljuchana

i moja kosa vechno raste

jer to je jedino sto se i dalje seca tvog dodira…..

Vishe necu hodati beskrajnim azurnim poljima

i vishe necu znati znachenje sramote

jer tvoj glas nije tu da mi kaze sta je ispravno

i da drzi oshtrice dalje od mojih vena…….

…..i zauvek cu ziveti sa kletvom da postojish

negde daleko..

i negovacu sve uspomene

jer one su jedino

sto me moze nachiti znachenju radosti.

Duboko si ugraviran u moje srce


dokle god moj osmeh lichi na tvoj……..

~ by Oloriel on June 11, 2013.

39 Responses to “To Orion”

  1. Oh wow! That has a very deep impact to read…beautiful, so relatable and yet so achingly personal. A bravura performance!!! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your comment, it is ungratfull to say,but I do smehow feel awkwardly glad there is someone out there who can relate this, someone who sank on the same boat with me. But I also at same time know we will all heal… eventually!

  2. Interesantna pjesma!
    Mada bih volio da je ovdje i prijevod, da cio svijet razumije!

  3. “and my hair is forever growing

    ‘cause it’s the only thing that still remembers your touch…..”
    Divna, divna pesma. Ovaj stih me je pogotovo pogodio!

    • Hvala puno sto si ovo podelila samnom, malo je lakshe znati da mozda josh neko godinama nije stricao ni pramen “iz nekih starih razloga nije mogo da se sredi.”

  4. you love deeply, you ache deeper, your passion so evident in these words.

    Petals that bleed red liquid velvet

    are a shelter for your riddles,

    that, while I still had hopes,

    what an introduction, i loved this poem.

    • Thank you for your words very much. I live day by day thinking that I am not enough, that the love I send is too small to be felt, when I share a look, or a word, or a hug. So weird, so frustrating at times, no matter what I do or where I go, I still stay the same as the first memory of myself.

  5. Time fucking fly by…

    • I do take pride to the fact you probubly never seen this one before 🙂 But ye, it goes by, and we still sit on the same fence place (in thoughts at least) and in the immortal words of Bajag, we watch…

  6. I love your writing. Your style is both powerful and musical.

  7. Reblogged this on We Drink Because We're Poets and commented:
    Introducing Oloriel. If you don’t already know of her, you should.

    • Thank you very much for the reblog, it is a great honor that I hope I justify with my writting.

      • What???? Justify it with your writing? LOL. I think you’re good. Really. You’re writing is on point, Oloriel. You confused me at first, though. I was reading and it took me a minute to realize the second half was in another language. I think that’s the second or third time I’ve done that.

      • Forgive me if my comment seems out of place. I am writting since I was a little girl and the only comments I ever got was that it is not just bad,but also unworthy. Language teachers at school were telling me my poems and prose are worthless almost on a daily basis, my poetry was shared around for mockery and similar and I was always denied participation to school competitions or school newspapers publishing. This is why every honest comment I get, or a praise or a reblog, just makes me very much happy and proud I stood firm in my belief that one should write with soul and not cater to needs of malicious people. I feel as tho maybe something I write will help a person feel better or less alone in the world and the recognition of that makes me extatic 😀

      • No worries, Oloriel. In fact, you’ve just reminded me that I could probably stand to be a little less…harsh, myself.

        Your poetry is definitely a pleasure to read. I understand how it feels to be mocked, though. I also understand how it feels to mock (as there are poets whose poems I have mocked, mostly for their arrogance and particularly when coupled with a lack of understanding of what they actually said). All the same, wrong is wrong. It takes a conscious effort not to cater to people, and it also takes the same effort not to dismiss (the latter of which I struggle with almost daily). With regard to your work, I can’t comprehend how you could not have been published. Your work speaks to the depths. And as you say, you stay firm in your beliefs and how you write, and never cater to anyone. 🙂

  8. This is stunning!

  9. This right here got to me…

    “and my hair is forever growing

    ‘cause it’s the only thing that still remembers your touch…..”

    Lovely poem, Oloriel.

  10. Great write. Has a beautiful and sustained voice, it has a real personality which is deeply moving.

  11. Oloriel, predivno! uz to, ne mozes ni da pretpostavis koliko mi drago sto sam otvorila link. Non-stop pricam kako, ne znam zasto, nisam umela da nadjem ni jedan slican blog na srpskom. A tvoj gravatar sam vidjala i ni jednom nisam otvorila da pogledam. 🙂

  12. So beautiful, as always! Have you thought of recording your poetry as spoken word? Would love to hear you read in both languages.

    • Thank you very much for your words. I have just recorded my previous poem for a project,for the first time after many years of writting. Regarding this piece, I am not sure if I will ever be able to read it our loud,without breaking into an ocean of tears.

  13. Prelepo, vrlo emotivno…

  14. daleko su ta sazvežđa ali ne i nedostižna 😉

    • Nekada hodamo sa rukama ka njima, nekada nam je dovoljno da ih gledamo golim okom,kroz teleskop ili da slutimo gde su na beskrajnom nebu u ovom trenutku,zavisi na kom smo delu pokretnog tocka 🙂

  15. It took my bleeding ages to tilt my phone in all possible directions to be able read the faint green words, but oh my, it was worth it! Honey, you are a master with your words. The way they flow is absolutely admirable. And thinking that you wrote more than 10 years ago?! Being very young, i assume? That shows true talent.

    • Yes, I wrote this when I was 13 or 14,not interely sure. I am working my way towards reading stuff out loud, but there is still some poems I simply do not dare.
      Thank you for your continuous support of my writting and thanks for being the push I need to see (and hear) in order to grow myself.

  16. An inspiring read. I’m glad you are seeing better days Oloriel. 🙂

  17. So very lovely. The entire thing is a masterpiece. For some reason the line “and my hair is forever growing

    ‘cause it’s the only thing that still remembers your touch…..” resonates greatly with me.

    • Thank you for your words, I realise now when I am 10 years older how much that sentence sneaks into the hearts of people, how we all carry the memory of someone dear in our hair.

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