Wing-weaving (co-write!)


A poem I wrote with my bestest friend ever Ikarus. He is very shy about his writting, so please go over to his blog and give him some love! 🙂 I am also looking for more daring folks to co-write with me, if you are interested, let me know! Onwards to the poem!


I am trying to connect the dots
in my head,
I am making little connections
on the blackboard,
the green and the white stab into my eyes,
I wish they would rest,
don’t think about
the books and the tomes.
Unfaithful words and little charades,
true distances,
in my mind only black
and smashing,
while leaps echo
into voices.

In the surroundings, in silence
I collect threads,
I tie them into little knots.
I fly by clean, like a Spring leaf
as Sun’s escort,
I feed my heart to the eagles.
Until in flight I feel the gloom
for shivering ground
to kiss my tired soul.
Hands holding dice, looking for leisure,
desires in infinite harmony with dreams,
tell me, Who loses here?

Not to go mad from the screaming,
from little cuts, big bindings,
behind curtains and canvases hidden,
the shade of the fingerprint and white lies,
hide your smile
and speak
where in the eye you hide thieves,
that take my feathers and gazes,
leaving behind a skin trail
and an aroma that burns in endless prose.

Each dot, like a mask,
deceives me to flatter me,
my each knot untied
runs away with the sea.
Shattered in rage,
I still stand on the same place,
embracing abysses;
With a hole in my gesture,
to fill the moldy box of hope,
I seek donors.


A ovako izgleda u originalu 🙂

Tkanje krila

Pokusavam da povezem tacke,
u glavi,
veze male pravim,
na tabli,
zeleno i belo tako bodu oci,
Zelim da odmore,
ne mislim na knjige,
i tomove,
neverne reci i male psine,
prave daljine,
u mom umu samo crno,
i lupanje,
dok odskoci odzvanjaju,
u glasove.

Po okolini, u tishini,
skupljam niti,
vezujem u male cvorove,
Prolecem cist, kao prolecni list
u Suncevoj sviti,
svojim srcem hranim orlove
Dok tako u letu, ne osetim setu,
za drhtavim tlom
da dushu mi umornu ljubi.
U ruci kockice, traze dokolice,
zelja u vechnom skladu sa snom,
reci mi Ko tu gubi?

Da od vristanja ne poludi,
od malih rezova, velikih poveza,
iza zavesa i platna skrivena,
sena otiska i belih lazi,
sakri svoj osmeh,
i kazi,
gde u oku skrivas lopove,
sto pera mi uzmu i poglede.
Od njih ostaje trag na kozi,
i miris sto pece u beskrajnoj prozi.

Svaka tacka ko maska
mi obmanom laska,
svaki cvor mi se odveze
da sa morem pobegne.
Skrhan u besu
i dalje stojim u mestu,
obgrljujem ponore;
sa rupom u gestu
za nade kutiju plesnu
trazim donore.

~ by Oloriel on June 2, 2013.

19 Responses to “Wing-weaving (co-write!)”

  1. ..l’m not sure where to begin, wanting to cite favorite passages i might as well copy the entire poem….what a beautiful and sensitive inquiry and word marriage.

    …ty for this..

  2. Teriffic poem, I visited your pal, the co-writer of this poem; ikarus. They are very talented too, I love your poetry and this piece you wrote with your friend is super. Thanks, I really enjoyed it. Kind regards, Baldy 🙂

  3. Zanimljiva ideja. Nemam predstavu kakav je proces zajedničkog pisanja pesme. Verovatno sjajno iskustvo.

    • Ponekad lakshi kad se ljudi dobrano znaju,ponekad tezi upravo zbog toga, ali uvek zanimljivim i uvek se zavrshi kao prijatno iskustvo 🙂

  4. Podržavam.

  5. Nisam u stanju da podražavam.

  6. I wrap my heart in your words and donate it at your toes.
    So you shall feed it to your wings and fly away from woes.
    Of serenity.

    that was so beautifully written… the black silence of screams are shared by me too… you mirrored exactly what i was feeling today.. when i didnt feel like writing… thanks for these words..really

    • Thank you for your comment, you always seem to know how to continue the trail of thoughts, even when I am done writting, and now you even did it with 2 people at the same time. I hope you feel better soon and give more of your writting to read, i am looking forward to it! 🙂

  7. Zainteresovan.
    Nešto u akrostihu.
    Ako može.

  8. Wow!

  9. I enjoyed this very much Oloriel, and Ikarus. A real pleasure.

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