Teche i dalje


Teche i dalje

Tvoj mi je osmeh od stakla mutio jutra
dok usta mi przi prva cigareta,
uvijao sam hodnicima korak tvoj u svilu
gledao te ochima zaljubljenog deteta.
A ti si otishla isto kako si doshla,
ostao sam sam, zbunjen sa betonom,
dzaba sam cekao u redu za srecu,
u pogreshno vreme sa pogreshnim zetonom.

Puno je stvari koje sam uradio,
josh vishe onih kojih sam trebao,
Na trgu chasovnik je punom parom radio,
drugi su ziveli, a ja sam gledao.
Lice u secanju odavno trulo,
dugo me je iznutra grebalo.
I dalje letim ka nebu
da spasim slomljenu zvezdu,
vezan za topovsko djulo.

Ljudi su prichali, ljudi su teshili,
“Jesen ce brzo reshiti stvar.”,
svi su se moji kalendari obesili
moja glava je dobro, u dushi je kvar.
Cesto sam lagao da se ne secam,
da si negde daleko, da si nechija,
cesto sam jeo bluza kiseli grozd,
cesto sam hteo da samo sednem na voz.
Vidim te, hodash, Ljubav te ne sprechava,
Tu sam na uglu, svrati ponekad,
prodajem autorska prava na bol.


It still flows

Your smile of glass would murk my mornings
while the first cigarette was burning my mouth,
I was wrapping in corridors your footsteps in silk,
watched you with eyes of an enamored child.
And you went, just as you came,
I was left alone, confused with concrete,
I waited in line for Happiness for nothing.
at the wrong time with a wrong coin.

There is many a thing I have done,
even more of the ones I should,
The square clock was working full steam,
others lived, I stood and watched.
A face in my memory, rotten for a while
scratched me from inside for far too long.
I still fly towards the sky
to save the shattered star,
tied to a cannonball.

People talked, people comforted me:
“Autumn will swiftly solve everything.”,
all of my calendars hung themselves,
my head is all right, it’s my soul that’s broken.
I often lied that I don’t remember,
that you are far, that you are somebody’s,
often I ate blues’ sour grapes,
often I wanted to just sit on a train.
I see you, you walk, Love doesn’t bother you,
I’m here at the corner, do visit sometimes,
I’m selling copyright to pain.

*The original sounds much better, for it is intended to be song lyrics, translated it seems as tho most parts fail to connect properly,but I really wanted to give a chance to people interested to understand what I wrote 🙂

~ by Oloriel on May 29, 2013.

22 Responses to “Teche i dalje”

  1. Super! Da, radi časovnik punom parom…nemilosrdan je.

  2. “…my head is all right, it’s my soul that’s broken.”

    Now, in my case it’s my soul that’s all right and my head that’s broken. Mind you, this flu doesn’t help.

  3. i kad ne cujes kuckanje, noc je tu da pojaca misli.
    “Cesto sam lagao da se ne secam,
    da si negde daleko, da si nechija”

    • Mislim da je to zato sto se sat nastani i u glavi :/
      A za ovo laganje, prosto ne znash sta je gore, dal kad ti poveruju ili kad ne.

  4. …i adore your lyrical images and word combinations…there are so many in this poem like’ all my calenders hung themselves’…loved this poem, a lot.

    ..and i especially wanted to ty for liking leap, a lot of special meaning in the metaphors for me, so ty again.

    • No need to thank me, I read it and I wanted to write to you but I was very busy with my son, so I am going to catch up now 🙂
      I really appriciate your continuos visits, comments, support and sharing thoughts with me and for that I wanted to thank you.

  5. My god…. you are SO talented. This poem is amazing.
    Especially this part:
    “I still fly towards the sky
    to save the shattered star,
    tied to a cannonball.”

    Your imagery is simply breathtaking to me.

    • Thank you very much for the visit and the comment. I was writting this wishing I was less constrained so I could sing this (like it was my original intention!). That’s me allright, I wanna fly and I do all the times, but theres the cannonball also! 🙂

      • You are most welcome! I look forward to your future posts. You’ve got a new fan. 🙂

  6. Wow! I can’t read your first language but loved the translation. I’m sure the original one must be equally striking.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words, I am very glad you liked it.I tried to translate it literaly and I am glad it did not lose the meaning in the process 🙂

  7. u pogešno vreme sa pogrešnim žetonom…
    izdvojila ovo mada mi je legla cela ko komad čokoladne torte sa aromom mente 😉

  8. Citati ovo kako otvoris oci, mnogo jaci osecaj 🙂

  9. Thank you for translating! I find the image of waiting in line for Happiness at the wrong time with the wrong coin to be an especially powerful description of pathos.
    “All of my calendars hung themselves” is a clever line as well — I wonder — is this something that you arrived at yourself, or is this borrowed from somewhere — it seems terribly familiar (not accusing you of theft — just wondering if you are referencing something)

    • The first time I ever heard this metaphor (and fell in love with it!) was in a song.Later on I saw it again, in a poem by a Serbian writer. It is not an original metaphor I know, but it means heaps to me and describes perfectly what I want to say. Its kinda like a proverb, like “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”, or at least that’s how it is here in my surroundings, I thought it is a wide-used expression 🙂

  10. “prodajem autorska prava na bol.”

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