The Rogue and the Morning


The Rogue and the Morning

The yellow and the gray battle
like familiar lovers,
my tea evaporates ballerinas of smoke
as I drink it, to soothe my throat
aching in a rhythmical stab
from screams boxed inside,
in lids and locks and pleas
not to escape out.

I shiver in the morning breeze,
the ghost of my child self
wears blue today.

And it weeps.

I do not swallow water christened with flower corpses;
I swallow keys to cities looking pretty on postcards,
wallowing in ruins beneath the white sky.
Composure and stretched lips
married in silence,
my burden to wear and preach
as night devours the day
like warm chicken soup.
I feel misplaced,
a puzzle piece,
pushed inside a linoleum.

I stand inside a Hell with hindgeless doors,
the specter of my hope
pulling dagger shards
out of me.

And I weep.


Bitanga i Jutro

Zuta i siva bore se
kao ljubavnici,
moj chaj isparava ballerine od dima
dok ga pijem, da umirim grlo
bolno od vrisaka upakovanih unutra,
sa poklopcima, bravama i molbama
da ne pobegnu napolje.

Jezim se u jutarnjem povetarcu,
duh mene kao deteta
danas nosi plavo.

I plache.

Ja ne gutam vodu krshtenu leshevima cveca;
Ja gutam kljucheve za gradove, lepe na razglednicama,
valjane u rushevinama pod belim nebom.
Pribranost i razvuchene usne
venchani u tishini,
moje breme da nosim i pripovedam
dok noc prozdire dan
kao toplu pilecu supu.
Osecam se zatureno,
parche slagalice
gurano u linoleum.

Stojim unutar Pakla gde su vrata bez kvake,
avet moje nade
izvlachi krhotine bodeza
iz mene.

I plachem.

~ by Oloriel on May 24, 2013.

37 Responses to “The Rogue and the Morning”

  1. “my tea evaporates ballerinas of smoke” Gorgeous image that will forever become part of my lexicon of imagery — every time I watch steam rise off of my cup, it will be a dancing ballerina.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Your words… Oh dear, you write so well..

    • Thank you very much for the compliment! I had a rough few days and this is exactly how I felt this morning. If anything, at least the pain teaches us that we must speak,one way or another, so why not poetry? 😀

  3. the poem, the imagery, word combinations and this…..

    ‘I do not swallow water christened with flower corpses;
    I swallow keys to cities looking pretty on postcards,’

    i enjoyed everythingaboutit, thank you for this. 🙂

  4. Sjajno je. Slažem se sa svim komentarima, a posebno sa ovim poslednjim.

  5. pomaze . Prvi komentar mi je ukraden, to sam pomislila pri citanju. Nisam neki tip sto ume da da komplimente. Nekako mi je onda taj kompliment bledunjav, nisam ja. Tako da znas da uzivam, to je dosta.

  6. sviđa mi se, baš mi se sviđa!

  7. pregledo sam ti blog. kul si. na engleskom nisam čito jer mi je naporno čitat engleski kad moram u rječnik često gledat. nekom ću drugom prilikom. ali sviđa mi se pročitano.

    • Hvala na poseti i na komentaru, pochela sam da ubacujem prevode za sve bash da ljudima ne bi bilo naporno i da ne bi morali da rovare po rechniku 🙂 Hvala josh jednom, pozdrav i citamo se!

  8. married in silence is a fantastic line, pal. well written, excellent 🙂

    • Thank you for reading and I am glad you enjoyed it! I am waiting to have some more free time so I can fully immerse myself in your fantasy world you shared, I do not want to give it less attention then it deserves! 🙂

  9. Omg. Sviđa mi se na oba jezika. Ima slika koje obuzimaju tajnovitošću.

  10. and i weep along,
    for the tears of the dead
    shall not be wiped by the mortal…

    I love the way you paint these images onto my mind..:-)

  11. this is gorgeous, oloriel!

  12. This is really good, I got goosebumps reading this poem. Imagining every word you spoke here like a movie playing in my head..what a show! My favorite line is :
    “.. I do not swallow water christened with flower corpses;
    I swallow keys to cities looking pretty on postcards”…

    • I amvery happy this poem stirred something in you aswell as it did when I was writting it. Thank you for taking time to share a word of your own with me! 🙂

  13. You’re so talented. Loved this one thoroughly 🙂

  14. Beautifully written and full of emotion. Your imagery is so strong.

  15. What else to say but, perfect…

  16. Another stunning poem! I especially love this image: “my tea evaporates ballerinas of smoke” 🙂

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