Plea of a Second


*English version included.

Molba jedne sekunde

Stavi me u zupchanik.
Da, bash tu!
Uglavi me,
Nateraj me da otkucavam,
da brojim,
da techem,
da idem dalje.

Zakucaj me na zid.
Da, bash na taj tu!
Da kroz mrtvu prirodu dnevne sobe
zatreperi moj iskidani glas.
Oslikaj me,
kao nepozvanog gosta,
stoichnog i nevernog,
koji se gosti uspomenama.

Navi me.
Da, bash me zavrti i okreni!
Na minut do praskozorja,
minut do lenjog podneva,
minut do ushunjavanja noci
kroz prozore.
Okreni mi ruke ka zvezdama,
zauzdaj me,
zavezi me
za sharenu vrteshku snova.

Onda, u toj tishini;
Da, bash toj, sto seje strah po trepavicama!
Ti i ja,
izgubljeni jedno u drugome,
ljubicemo se,
pijani od saznanja
da smo svojevoljno zivi.


Plea of a Second

Put me inside a cogwheel.
Yes, right there!
Squeeze me in,
screw me in.
Make me tick away,
make me count,
to flow.
to move on.

Nail me up to the wall.
Yes, that one there!
So through the still life of the living room
my shattered voice flickers.
Paint me into
an uninvited guest,
stoic and unfaithful
who feasts on memories.

Wind me up.
Yes, really spin me and turn me!
To minute to daybreak,
minute to a lazy afternoon,
minute ’till night’s sneaking in
through the windows.
Turn my hands towards the stars,
tame me,
tie me
to the colorful marry-go-round of dreams.

Then, in that silence;
Yes, that one, that sows fear upon the eyelashes!
You and me,
lost inside one another,
will kiss,
drunk from the knowledge
that we are willingly alive.


~ by Oloriel on May 18, 2013.

22 Responses to “Plea of a Second”

  1. Dok nas mehanizam ne pojede i pokida..

  2. Reblogged this on Spontaneous Creativity.

  3. Originalno…

  4. predivno.

  5. mene bas raznezilo.

  6. Wow, I loved this. Thanks for writing it!

  7. Lovely words – no time to waste, urgent and compelling writing!

  8. Koliko je toga neizrečenog u ovim stihovima, predivno…

  9. Ova čak bolje teče na engleskom… Drago mi je što sam nabasala na ovaj blog…

    • Nkeada meni samoj neshto bolje zvuchi u originalu,nekada kad prevedem 🙂 Veoma mi je drago sto uzivash citajuci,znachi da sam u nechemu uspela! 🙂

  10. Ah! What a beauty! I too had a similar one but yours is for sure better.
    Check mine out here –

    • I have no idea why,but for some reason your comment got sent to spam and I have just noticed it,so my appologies for that and replying to you so late. Thank you very much for your visit and comment and I am allready in the process of checking your stuff daily and enjoying it, but please feel free to pint me in direction of your own personal favourites! 🙂

  11. “Then, in that silence; / Yes, that one, that sows fear upon the eyelashes!” How do you manage to make every poem of yours so profound and unique? You inspire me and I look forward to some new posts. I hope you are doing well!

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