You think that I don’t know


You think that I don’t know
where the winds take your
shattered soul
on Fridays.
You think I don’t know
on which chair do you sit
at the bar table,
Inate, limp and falsely able
to be grown up and in control.
You think I forgotten
how you light your cigarets
and how you wear your hair.
How you are still drunk
of dreams that ain’t your own
how you leave your heart at home.
Your hideouts and runaways,
you think that I don’t know
which pieces fit
and where you keep your circles
and angles,
your eyes half rotten fed to strangers,
your broken wizards tricks
falling out of cilindar hats
and where the hand had weaved goodbye.
How your papper boat got sunk
and where you burry your dead
dressed in your sunshine gown,
begging the Moon to fall asleep
and fall down.
Your lies and your stoweaways,
your keys and your dusty days,
you think that I don’t know.


~ by Oloriel on May 3, 2013.

29 Responses to “You think that I don’t know”

  1. U suštini, ja sam lenština, i radije čitam prevode nego originale, uvek kada je to moguće. (Da, znam da prevod nikada ne može biti kao original.) Jedino su muzičari uspevali da me nateraju da, pre svega slušam, pesme na engleskom… A, evo, i ove tvoje pesme čitam sa zadovoljstvom, i ne bih želeo da pročitam prevod… 🙂

    • Nikad se ne zna to sa prevodom,nekada prevod zna bash da izoshtri nit ili notu (aludiram na one retke yet ipak postojane momente gde mi se cover vishe svideo od originalnog izvodjenja pesma). Mene muchi to sto na srpskom,uvek zeli da mi se potkrade neka striktna forma i da me tako u trenu baci u poetske okove iz kojih se iskobeljavam u nedogled, zelim vishe da zadivim, dok na stranom jeziku osetim slobodu da cisto samo progovorim,ako razumesh sta hocu da kazem 🙂

  2. ‘you think that I don’t know
    which pieces fit
    and where you keep your circles
    and angles,’

    i wish WordPress had a ‘love’ button for poems like this……

  3. Hey, Thanks. I love your poetry/

  4. Love your writing, Oloriel – it’s so raw. I’ll be back! 🙂

    • Thank you for saying that, it is a comment I really rarely get. Everyone around me that I show my poems to always thinks I am some deity spitting out three thousand year old wisdom 🙂

  5. my goodness. i was not prepared for this poem, somehow. it totally took me off guard and rocked my world. i love it.

    • I hope you find your guard back or toss it forever and leave it behind you; whatever you decide I am enormously glad a word I wrote touched you in some way. Thank you very much for your visit and comment.

  6. Sjajna pesma!

  7. OVO JE PREDIVNO 🙂 …Jedva cekam iduci day off da se vratim na tvoj blog 😉

  8. I like your opening verse. It’s very powerful. It’s a statement to sit and ponder.
    ‘your broken wizard tricks’ awesome visual

    • I really appriciate taking time to leave a comment and I am content I could offer you something you enjoyed reading. Thank you!

  9. I think this is one of the best poems i found on wordpress. Bravo.

  10. ”Your hideouts and runaways,
    you think that I don’t know
    which pieces fit
    and where you keep your circles
    and angles”


  11. Your poems so often have lovely, perfect imagery. And I love this thought …

  12. I love your flow and imagery throughout, like when you say: “and where you keep your circles and angles, your eyes half rotten fed to strangers,”

  13. Is there any poem of yours that isn’t amazing? ^_^ Another great one, Oloriel.

    • Believe it or not, I am very rarely satisfied with my outcomes, in a professional looking way. I always think about all the other people who said it so much better 🙂 Thank you for your comments really, it is the small thing that gives me joy and more freedom to relax 🙂

      • That’s just how us writers tend to be. We’re our own biggest critics. Nothing wrong with that because you’re clearly sharing your writings instead of keeping them to yourself. That takes courage! 🙂 You’re quite welcome. Your comments give me joy, too. Thanks!

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